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Archive for January 2015

A Two-Sided Flippable Mattress for a Big Man.

Melony writes: Hello! As with all your readers, I need your advice! Only 2 years ago we purchased a Tempurpedic from Denver Mattress. Although our friends encouraged us to “give it time”, we just weren’t patient enough for the mattress to break in. It remained so stiff […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress on a Platform Bed.

Terry writes: Peter, My wife has picked the bedroom furniture she is purchasing.  The bed is designed with an elevated platform and there is really no space for the box springs. Is it an issue to not have the box springs with the “World Class Annapolis Place […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Flatbrook Mattress for a Child.

John writes: Hello, After reading your recommendations of the Simmons Beautyrest Flatbrook Luxury Firm mattress we are interested in it, but we would like to try one locally before ordering. We are in northern Virginia. Is there an equivalent model at Macy’s? Thanks, John Hi John, The closest […]

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Sagging Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett Pillowtop.

Joe writes: Hello & Happy New Year! We need an opinion from The Mattress Expert…we bought the Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett pillow-top mattress in August 2013. I weight 165, my wide 135, so it seems it is sagging a bit more than it should.  Based on the photo, can […]

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Sleeping Hot, Mattress Protector that Sleeps Cool

September writes: Hi Peter, I recently purchased a Beautyrest Recharge mattress.  There is no returning it.  It is so hot that I can hardly stand it.  The bed is very comfortable, but hot flashes and this bed aren’t a good mix. My room temperature is about 62 […]

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Oeko-Tex Certified Pure All-Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers.

Niyant writes: Hi there, I had a few questions about your Talalay Latex topper features on this page: https://themattressexpert.com/talalay-dunlop-latextoppers/ * What is the ILD rating and density for the “firm” talalay topper? * Is this product certified? * Does the latex include any synthetic elements? * What is […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress w/ Free Boxspring Sale?‏

Adam writes: Hi Pete.    It seems like I have seen free box springs offered occasionally.  Any chance that is coming up in the next few months? Hi Adam, There are no sales from Simmons, scheduled for this year, that will include their Black line. However, the […]

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Sealy Reflexion Solana Beach latex mattress.

Steve writes: We bought a Sealy Reflexion Solana Beach latex mattress set from you 10 years ago. Time to replace. What do you recommend? We loved it until the middle developed a depression that we both roll into now. Thanks., Steve Hi Steve, It’s the poly foam […]

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Shoulder Pain & Numbness on a Serta iComfort Mattress. Advice?‏

Sherri writes: I purchased a Serta iComfort mattress 2 years ago.  I wake up often through out the night with pain and numbness in my arms and shoulders. I have had 2 back surgeries, the mattress gives my back the support it needs with very little back […]

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Mattress Warranty Claim & Inspection.

Ryan writes: I have gone through 3 mattresses that dip in the middle in the last year. I am 5’11 side/stomach sleeper. I often sit on my bed and watch tv. I do not mind firm or soft my gf has a really firm one I enjoy […]

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Memory Foam & Mattress Comfort Exchanges.

Susan writes: Hi, Pete, You’ve been pretty outspoken about memory foam because of the off-gassing. I read on Beautyrest-Simmons web site that this mattress has some memory foam in it. Also read a review on Amazon where customers complained about the off-gassing. Can you elaborate? Also do […]

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Inexpensive Mattress for seasonal vacation rental property.

Linda writes: We have a seasonal vacation rental property and need two queen sized beds on a very modest budget. What would you suggest? Linda Hi Linda, Here is a link to a mattress that Sears has. It’s extremely well made. I can get this mattress too, […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Shakespeare World Class Luxury Firm Pillowtop Mattress.

Don writes: Pete.. This morning, I bought this queen mattress set…The Simmons Beautyrest Shakespeare World Class Luxury Firm Pillowtop. It’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning. Obviously the pillowtop felt great in the store and I went for it…oops. However, I have to say that the world class […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place with a Latex Mattress Topper.

Kim writes: Hi Pete, We are in the market for a new mattress and for several reasons, are leaning towards a Simmons. I have wanted a Heavenly Mattress for some time, but having read your blog and developed severe lower back pain (bulging disc?)  have now changed my mind. The local […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Legend in firm queen mattress.

What do you have as the Simmons Beautyrest Legend in firm queen mattress only? Thx Hi, Our Comparable to the Legend is the World Class Trident in Luxury Firm. Shown here…with free delivery, set-up & removal…and, no sales tax. https://themattressexpert.com/mattress-brands/simmons/beautyrest-recharge-world-class/ Thanks, PetePhone: 1-856-874-6894 Email: themattressexpert@live.com Website: https://themattressexpert.com/ Factory […]

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