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Susan writes:off gassing memory foam

Hi, Pete,
You've been pretty outspoken about memory foam because of the off-gassing. I read on Beautyrest-Simmons web site that this mattress has some memory foam in it. Also read a review on Amazon where customers complained about the off-gassing. Can you elaborate? Also do you have a satisfaction guarantee? I'm a little nervous about shopping on line.
Thanks, Susan
Hi Susan,
The memory foam that Simmons uses is a bit different.
You've seen the commercials for memory foam, where a hand is pressed into the foam?
When the hand is removed, it leaves a deep imprint of the hand that remains there for awhile.
The memory foam that Simmons uses, responds immediately...leaving no hand print.
It's more resilient and less temperature sensitive.
I get no reports of odor from those who write me or my customers.
There was no odor from the one my son got or the one that we got.
I'm not saying it's 100% safe, but it is a whole lot better than regular memory foam.
Here is a link to our page that explains our position on comfort exchanges.

Thanks, Pete

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