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Sagging Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett Pillowtop.

Joe writes:

Hello & Happy New Year!
We need an opinion from The Mattress Expert…we bought the Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett pillow-top mattress in August 2013.
I weight 165, my wide 135, so it seems it is sagging a bit more than it should.  Based on the photo, can you tell if this is normal?
Hi Joe,
There’s good news and bad news.
First, the bad news.
Yes, that is normal wear for a pillowtop….even more so if it’s a plush pillowtop.
What we recommend for comfortable bed that lasts, is a luxury firm Beautyrest with a soft latex topper. That combination produces the support you need, the surface comfort you want and no photos that look like this one, even 5 years later.
Now, for the good news.
To prevail in a warranty claim, you will need a sustained impression of 1.5″ in depth.
If yours isn’t that deep, you can help or along.
Call your retailer and get a warranty claim started. This will entail an inspection of your mattress.
When they call to schedule that inspection, time it for the afternoon.
On the morning of the inspection, immediately upon rising, place something round and heavy in those two spots. A bowling ball is easiest. A mixing bowl full of can goods works too.
When the inspector knocks on your door, get rid of all that before answering the door.
At that point, your impressions should be deep enough to get authorization to exchange.
At that point, I can help you make a much better choice.

Thanks, Pete

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