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Hip and Back Pain – Latex Mattress Topper Question.

Leona writes:

Hi, Pete —
Thanks for your informative response. Yes, I’m in agreement with the memory foam mattresses; very toxic indeed. And yes, we have totally seen this reflected in our mattress experience. Heck, even with the current mattress the delivery people told us to never get rid of the queen; simply because its apparently a better mattress!
Regardless, here we are.
We will look into your recommendations. Just not sure yet when we can afford to make the move for a new bed at the moment.
So my question is – what’s the scoop on our current mattress, and is there something we can do to get by with a latex topper in the meantime?
Appreciate your help,
Hi Leona,

There is almost always more solutions than one to every problem.
In your case, a good intermediate solution is the latex topper.
A 2″ soft Talalay topper will provide the comfort, pressure point relief, and muscle relaxation you need to sleep deeply.
These toppers last, staying like new, for many years. So, when you do finally buy a new mattress, you will be able to use this latex topper with it.
I would try it, first, on top of your mattress. 
If the dents in the mattress are still a problem for you, then flip the mattress over and add the latex topper to the underside.
The underside will provide a firmer base support.
Here is the link for that particular topper. You can order it on line.

Latex Mattress Topper


Thanks, Pete

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