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Sealy Reflexion Huntington Beach latex mattress.

Kerry writes:

I have a Sealy Reflexion Huntington Beach latex mattress and in the course of searching, what if anything I can do to salvage it, I happened upon your web site. You recommended flipping the mattress over and adding a latex topper. Can you please recommend a topper for a queen size for two people who prefer a firm mattress?
Kind Regards, Kerry 

Hi Kerry,

Most people prefer firm support with a soft sleeping surface….which is why we recommend the topper.
The underside of your mattress is already firm latex. If you like the feel, you don’t need a topper.
However, if you feel that you would still like to add a topper and want it to be firm, the 2″ Talalay in firm, is plenty firm.
First things first…flip the mattress and see how you’re feeling tomorrow morning.
Email me with any desire to alter the feel. Otherwise, you may be good to go as it is.
Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Hi, Pete.
Thanks for the suggestion! We flipped the mattress and slept on it last night. My husband is OK with the feel. I found it a bit too hard on my hips (I’m a side sleeper) so would like to “soften” it a bit. What do you think is my best bet?
Kind regards,
Hi Kerry,
All you’ll need is 2″ of the soft Talalay latex topper.
It’ll soften the surface without negating the underlying firm support.

Thanks, Pete

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