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Herniated Disc, Back, Neck & Hip Pain from our Tempurpedic Mattress.

Sheila writes:

I need help buying a mattress. I am 55 years old (female). I am 5′ 9″ tall and weight 175. I have a herniated disc and pain in my lower back (L4-5) It is an old injury but acts up sometimes. I have stiffness when I wake up, with pain in my neck and hip (currently using a Tempurpedic mattress). I do not want a mattress with a lot of chemicals in it. I read about latex mattresses, but not sure it is right for me. I must must must have a mattress that does not get hot like the tempurpedic (a steam box) – I hate it! What do you recommend. 

Hi Sheila,

Even though a Latex mattress is far superior to memory foam, an all foam mattress is often the wrong choice for properly supporting a herniated disc.
Now that the damage has already been done, a more rigid support has proven itself to be a better choice.
I have a very well made, two-sided innerspring mattress that we made with no memory foam.
Made by Therapedic and designed by me, the Keepsake Cameo mattress built to maintain its original shape for many years.
The interlocked coil unit is best for supporting a herniated disc.
For use by a female, we recommend the plush model, so that it will be gentle on the hip.
Here is the link to that mattress. Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

Therapedic Keepsake Cameo Plush

Therapedic Keepsake Cameo Plush Mattress

Thanks, Pete

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