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Therapedic – A strong mattress to hold a very large teenager.

Bruno writes:

Hi Pete,

I have a couple problems. One, is the need for a mattress that will hold a large child. Our teenager son in a Center of his high school football team.
He’s a very big boy. The other problem is the cost. You can imagine what it costs to feed him. I need the mattress to be strong, comfortable and reasonably priced.
He’s gone through 2 store bought mattresses that we bought in 2014. I can’t continue to do this. 
You you have such a mattress and do you deliver to Florida?
Thanks, Bruno
Hi Bruno,
Believe it or not, we do carry such a mattress…strong, well made, comfortable, and delivered free to Florida…and, with no sales tax, as an added bonus.
Unlike the ones at stores, these mattresses have no memory foam and use a much stronger coil unit than what is commonly available.
The weaker coils and the memory foam are the two products in today’s mattresses that make them poop out so quickly.
Here is a link to the line. The model I would recommend is the Brighton model in plush.

Therapedic Brighton Plush Mattress

Therapedic Brighton Plush

Thanks, Pete

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