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Big Man, Sciatica Pain. Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia & Latex Topper.

Amy writes:

My husband is big man. He's 6 ft and about 285 lbs.  I am 5'2", and 120 lbs, and have problems with sciatica pain.
Need a suggestion on a bed that would best support his weight, while still offering comfort for my sciatica.
Thanks, Amy
Hi Amy,
There isn't a mattress that does both jobs well. Mattresses soft enough for you won't be strong enough for him. The solution...the only solution is a mattress firm enough for him with a soft latex topper for both of you. Even your husband needs comfort.
Latex is rubber. It's super resilient, unlike the padding used in most mattresses which compress easily. Latex toppers last for years. Besides cushioning the surface of the mattress, the topper will also extend the life if the mattress by absorbing much of your body weight.
Here are links to the Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia mattress, which will hold & support his....and to the latex toppers. 2" of soft Talalay will do job.
Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm
Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Thanks, Pete

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