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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Rembrandt Mattress.

Ellen writes:

Hi, I am wanting to replace our Simmons Beautyrest World Class Rembrandt mattress with another Simmons product. I have read a lot of reviews and spoke with Simmons. I am not only confused, but disappointed, if I may be honest. I have back issues and I am a side sleeper.
We tried both a World Class Contender (Plush-1000 coil) and Fischer Island (Luxury Firm-800 coil). My hubby likes the Contender, but I sink in where my back would like a little support. I like the Fisher Island, but too firm for my hubby. I called Simmons to see if there will be anything in the middle and after 45 minutes they said “They had no idea and couldn’t look up if there was something in the middle; and after three minutes I was told they had to get to the next caller-” Simmons doesn’t deserve my business, but my back likes Simmons, you can see my dilemma.
Lastly, I have learned that it seems everyone has the same mattresses, it appears, but calls them something different. That is what has my head spinning because coil counts don’t add up and names don’t add up, they all seem a bit different. I.E. Simmons said their new Word Class models have 900 coils (old elite) but this new one I sat on last night, manufactured 2-13-13, had 1000 coils (seems like a new model to me). Does Simmons know their own product line, hence confusion. So my question is this-what is “luxury firm?” Is that what others call a “plush/firm” or is this a step firmer than a “plush/firm?’

Thank you in advance for any insight you are willing to offer. I truly appreciate your blog. It appears you are very honest and straight forward and I really do appreciate it. I never thought buying a mattress, getting consistent answers would be more difficult than finishing a thesis for master’s degree. Thanks, Ellen

Hi Ellen,
You have a head full of BS…which is causing your confusion. Clear your mind of everything you have heard. You don’t want to retain all that mis-information.
Personally, I believe the manufacturers should be more consumer friendly. None of them deserve your business, based on that.
But, they’re not consumer friendly. They have no desire to speak to you, wanting only to deal with their customers…the retailers. Do yourself a favor and don’t call Simmons again.
“World Class” is a name…the name of a series of beds that Simmons has had for many years.
They discontinued it briefly and have re-introducing it again…replacing the “Elite” Series.
The Contender is the starting model in the new World Class Series.
Your Rembrandt had a coil count of 1000. The Contender has a coil density of 1000….with an actual coil count of 900.
(notice the difference in terms…coil count vs. coil density)
A “coil count” is how many coils a mattress actually has in it. “Coil Density”, is how many coils will fit in the mattress if it weren’t for the space taken up by the foam encased edge support.
In other words, the Contender doesn’t have 1000 actual coils….regardless of what you were told at the store where you saw it.
That explanation was simply for your edification. It’s all moot, considering that it is what it is, without you having any choice in the matter.
The firmness designation of “plush/firm” no longer exists for their new Recharge models.
Luxury Firm is the replacement term, as many people were confused by the term, plush/firm.
Every store will have a different name for the same model. Our equivalent to their Contender is call Annapolis Place…exact same specifications.
Here is a link to the models in the Recharge World Class Series


Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Luxury Firm

Simmons Beautyrest Annapolis Place Luxury Firm


Thanks, Pete

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