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Latex Mattress Topper Advice‏

Louise writes:

I would like to buy 2 latex mattress toppers and need your advice on deciding which brand and thickness:

#1 is for a twin bed in a guest room.  I notice that the mattress sags a little after guests leave and yet they never complain, even when asked.

#2 is for my queen bed.  I need spine support (decompression and fusion 2 years ago).  I sleep on either side because of sleep apnea.  I have peripheral neuropathy which causes me to turn from side to side during the night, always needing to reposition the pillow between my legs.  I have injury to both shoulder rotarors which also wakens me at night.  It’s been years since I have managed more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time.  I am 5’8”, #125, female.

Twin bed is a local brand mattress, purchased about 2 years ago.  Seems soft to medium.  65% polyurethane, 35% recycled man-made materials, #7 1/2 fill.
Queen bed is a Sealy Beautyrest Luxury firm NxG 250LF.  It seems firm to touch.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Louise,
Given your size, condition and mattress, I’m quite sure you would benefit most from the 3″ soft Talalay latex topper. This will provide you the maximum pressure point relief.
For the twin, I would go with a 1.5″ Dunlop latex topper.
This will change the feel, slightly, to be a little firmer and more supportive.
Here is a link to both. UPS delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topperdan

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Thanks, Pete

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