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Wolf Adara Mattress vs. A Plush Simmons Beautyrest.

Ralph writes:

Hi Pete,

I’ve been reading your blog and what you say about firm support and a soft sleeping surface makes a lot of sense.
I want to thank you for sharing your depth of knowledge with all of us.
However, my wife tried and liked (no surprise) a Simmons Beautyrest World Class in plush.
I already know what you have to say about that and I’ve explained all that to the wife.
But, here heart is set on that mattress.
I’m writing to you is hopes of finding an alternative that will provide her the same feel, but not send me down a path of having to buy a new mattress every couple of years.
We aren’t large people, more on the slender side. 
Hoping you can pull an unexpected solution out of your bag of tricks.
Thanks, Ralph

Hi Ralph,
Tricks, we leave to the vultures that run this industry. What we do, is quite a bit different.
Every 6 months, we scour the industry trade show for alternative products to those that are popular, but don’t hold up…like the plush Beautyrests.
There are a countless number of small family owned and run manufacturing facilities around the country. Finding them is hard part.
This, is more easily accomplished at the trade shows.
This last time, we were introduced by a friend to such company. They are called the Wolf Mattress Company…a small family owned operation in the Midwest.
They are unique is a number of ways….and just my cup of tea when it comes to quality.
They happened to have an individually pocketed coil unit that is very much like the plush Beautyrest.
The coils are barrel shaped and pre-compressed, just as the Beautyrest coils are. The gauge of wire is almost as thin as the plush Beautyrest….which is producing the depth of softness that your wife find so appealing. The differences are: The coils are double tempered, while the Beautyrest coils are not tempered. And, the upholstery is all natural latex, as opposed to the poly/memory foam combination used in the Beautyrest. The Wolf Mattress is, by far, superior to any plush Beautyrest.
They also have unique machine the rolls the mattress for UPS shipping, which is a lot less expensive that the traditional method.
The model name for this Wolf mattress is Adara. Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Here is the link to the Wolf mattresses:
Wolf  Unity Plush Mattress

Wolf Adara Plush Mattress

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Thanks, Pete

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