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Foundations for Ever Eden Latex Mattress.

Paula writes:

Thank you Pete!

I feel like I’m finally getting where I want to be thanks to your advise.
I like taller mattresses,  so I would like the 9″. You said it’s more comfortable so that means it’s like a plush feeling?
I finally got the feeling right with the one I have which its supposed to be firm but it feels softer… like a cushion firm I would say, or medium.
I also read that I could pick soft, medium or hard for the 3″ talalay top layer right? I have never laid on a latex mattress so I have no clue and don’t want to pick the wrong one.
I like to feel the support of the mattress but with a softer feeling to hold my shoulders and hips. I don’t like it too hard but neither the melting or sinking feeling on a mattress.
I think I have read all your comments to other costumers and in some of them I understood that the 3″ talalay layer is more for heavier people. Since I would like it taller. Can I do the 9″ with a medium or hard talalay layer? Instead or soft to not make it to plush? Or what would you recomend?
Also, I don’t want to return the foundation, which its a 2 twin XL. Will that work with the latex mattress?
It’s ok to keep that? Right?  It doesn’t have que chemicals in it I will think?  Please forgive my ignorance in that aspect. Just want to make sure 🙂
Thank you again!
Hi Paula,
Yes, you can use the foundation you have.
Latex produces a “floating” feeling, like zero gravity…even with soft latex, you don’t sink but just a little.
If you prefer a medium feel, the 9″ with medium talalay or the 8″ with soft talalay will work for you.
I have an 8″ at home in our guest room, which I found perfectly comfortable.
Our usual guests are our daughters, who are very large women. They felt it was too firm, so we added another 2″ layer of soft talalay latex for them…which has worked out fine.
You will love that feel. It gets rave reviews with no detractors.
EverEden Latex Mattresses

EverEden Latex Mattress

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Thanks, Pete

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