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Rhuematoid Arthritis, Plus Size People, Mattress suggestion and questions.

John writes:

Hi Pete,
My wife and I need lots of support. I’m at 360 lbs. plus and she, too, is heavy and has Rhuematoid Arthritis and has had multiple joints replaced. I am a toss and turner, maybe because of the mattresses we’ve had, but have a bad shoulder that I can’t sleep on too long, so I sleep on both sides and my back. Because of her joint replacements she sleeps on one side in one position. Possibly because she has made a ‘hole’ she can’t get out of.
We are looking for a King size that will last longer than a few years, but will have some ‘comfort’ to it. She likes it soft, but now understands that soft equals sink holes. I understand that toppers will help with this.
With the make and style of mattress that you may suggest, what is the best rotation and flipping (if applicable) schedules?
With the make and style of topper(s) you may suggest, what do you suggest to keep the topper slipping or bunching (if latex bunches).
If a dual topper is recommended is it Talalay over Dunlop or vice versa? How are these held together and how do keep them from slipping from themselves or as above, the mattress.
How often should toppers be replaced? Would it be more likely in a dual topper scenario to replace the top, bottom or both.
I know that’s a good list of questions, but it appears that to get the qualities we require in our new mattress, and knowing that cheap and quality don’t go together we want to get the package that’s right for us.
Hi John,
The latex toppers do not move. There is no bunching, shifting or repositioning.
They simply adhere to each other and the mattress, and easily peal off when necessary….which will be necessary if buying a two sided mattress that you can flip.
A one sided mattress only needs to be rotated, which does not require removing the topper(s).
We carry two sided mattresses that were specifically designed to wear slowly under extraordinary body weight. My heaviest customers, who have this mattress, exceed 500 pounds.
The mattress is the Medi-Coil Permatuft from Therapedic, shown here:
Therapedic Medi-Coil Ultimate Permatuft Firm

Therapedic Medi-Coil Ultimate Permatuft Firm

These use the heaviest coil unit, the highest density poly foam and the entire mattress is button tufted for even greater stability.
The plush model uses a layer of soft latex on each side.
As plush beds go, it’s not all that soft, as these mattresses are designed for durability.
To them, you will add two 1.5″ latex toppers…one soft Talalay and one Dunlop…with the Dunlop going on top of the soft Talalay. Shown here:
Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Flipping you mattress for optimum results:
Flip your mattress every month for the 1st year and once every 3 months thereafter.
Rotate your flipping…side to side, then head to foot.
This is a two person job.
When flipping the mattress, you will need to remove the toppers.
Roll or fold from the head to the foot. Lift it off and lay on the floor at the foot of the bed.
After you’ve flipped your mattress, lift the toppers back to the foot of the mattress and roll them back into position.
Be careful not to pull at the latex. Laterally, it is somewhat delicate and will tear.
My wife and I are in the 230 lb. range and use a 2″ soft Talalay latex topper.
It is now 6 years old and still like new. They last a very long time.
Moisture from perspiration causes premature wear.
Protect your investment with high quality, Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors that sleep cool and don’t shrink.

Thanks, Pete

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