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Shopping a Stearns & Foster Hotel Mattress.

Ali writes:

Hi Pete,

I’m in search of a new mattress and hoping you can help me.  I recently stayed at the new Loews Hotel in Chicago, IL.  They had a .  Do you know if there is a similar or comparable mattress to it by Stearns & Foster or where do I begin to find out?  I’ll be sure to contact their customer service but thought I would ask you as well since I’ve enjoyed reading your post.

Thanks, Ali

Hi Ali,
When you contact the hotel, get a list of the specifications, (a list of the materials inside the mattress).
Then, you’ll have the information you’ll need to shop effectively.
Contact a S&F dealer and match the specifications.
Chances are, you’ll pay twice as much when you purchase through the hotel.

Thanks, Pete

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  1. I found this thread while searching for the matters I slept on recently at a Loews hotel. Were you able to purchase a comparable mattress?

  2. Hi Danni,

    This isn’t an open forum, where questioners can speak with other questioners.

    I suggest you call the hotel in which you stayed.

    Ask for housekeeping and ask them to give you the information from the mattress,

    from the room in which you stayed.

    The mattress isn’t necessarily the same in each room.

    Once you know, write back with that information and I will attempt to help you find a comparable

    mattress at retail.

    Thanks, Pete

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