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Mattress suggestion, Wolf Adrian?

Shannon writes:

Hello Pete,
My lower back prefers firm support. I’m generally a side/front sleeper but sometimes sleep on my back, about 185# with girl shaped hips. Long ago I had a Serta two-sided ultra firm mattress/box spring set that was very comfortable and lasted more than 20 years. For about fourteen years (in my 40’s-50’s) I slept soundly and comfortably on a fiber-baffled waterbed mattress like this one: http://www.abcwaterbed.com/cart/ls-7300.shtml 
But – landlords don’t let tenants have waterbeds. 
In 2011 I needed a mattress NOW, and chose a Serta extra firm Perfect Sleeper. My back said THANK YOU! – but – the sales dude was right when he suggested that I’d be looking for a new mattress again in less than seven years – even with regular rotation, my four year old one-sided Perfect Sleeper has hip divots and is no longer perfect. It takes about an hour each morning now to work the kinks out of my 60-something back, but I can’t afford to buy another mattress yet. 
I have a platform bed with box spring and mattress… 
Not sure I really need a new mattress, maybe a topper? – what would be best for the firm support my back likes, but won’t irritate my hips? 

Guessing a 2″ firm Talalay on my flipped-over imperfect Serta -?
Great to find your useful blog!
Thanks, Shannon
Hi Shannon,

Optimally, you start with firm support, which the mattress provides, and then add a soft layer of latex for surface comfort than out-performs any of the other foams used.
Together, they are everything your body needs for quality night’s sleep that lasts for many years.
What you’re suggesting, is the opposite of that…lousy support and a firm sleeping surface.
Instead of the 2″ firm Talalay, I suggest the Dunlop at 1.5″ or 2″. The firm Talalay will provide zero comfort for your hips.
Either way, it’s like putting a band-aid on a gaping wound.
You need a new mattress, so you had better start saving for it.
And, when you do finally buy a new mattress, make sure it isn’t a Serta. They make among the worst mattresses on the market.
Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Hi Pete,
When I do buy a new mattress, what would your recommendation be?
Thank you, Shannon
Hi Shannon,
That depends on when you buy, as lines change every year or two.

What I recommend today is different than what I recommended a year or two ago….in keeping up with the best options for the time.
The over-all quality of mattresses has been in steady decline for the past 10 years….especially among name brands.
If I were to recommend one to you now, it would be the Wolf Adrian, which provides excellent support and is upholstered with all-natural latex.
The Villani needs no additional topper.
It is delivered via Fed-Ex to your door, which is why the price is so reasonable. You will need someone to help you bring it in and set it up.
Here are links for the mattress and the delivery process.
Adrian Latex Hybrid Mattress

Adrian Latex Hybrid Mattress

Hi Pete,
I hadn’t known about Wolf mattresses. The Adrian looks like a great choice. I like the materials (cotton and wool) and the integrated Dunlop latex. It’s also less expensive than I’d expected. I’m almost finished paying off about ten grand of unexpected dental work from a couple years ago, and helping my daughter with dental bills and college. You probably know the drill.
You’re so right about the effort required to flip a two-sided mattress. I flipped my old two-sided Serta regularly for nearly 25 years and it doesn’t get any easier.
I’ll be placing my order for the Wolf Adrian on line today.
Thanks so much, Shannon
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Thanks, Pete

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