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Suite Sleep “Little Lamb”…Best All Natural, Organic Mattress for my Children.

Alice writes:

Hi Pete,

I’m looking for an all natural, organic mattress for my children.
I don’t want to expose them to the toxic off gassing of memory foam.
I also, don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I’ve seen lots of organic products on line and the prices can be quite high.
I’ve been reading your blog and can’t help but be impressed with your comprehensive knowledge of mattresses.
So, I figured, if anyone can help me, it would be you.
My thanks in advance, Alice
Hi Alice,
Thanks for that compliment. 
And, it’s a good thing that I have a solution that won’t disappoint you.
During our last scouring of the bi-annual trade show, here in Las Vegas, we came across exactly what you have in mind.
It a small, reasonably new company. The owners…a husdand and wife team, are dedicated to the purity of their products.
Their particular niche, is an all natural and organic “Grow with Me” mattress system for children.
Their mattress system is unique, in that you buy only what you need for the age of the child and add to it as they get older and larger.
Here is a link to the Suite Sleep brand, “Little Lamb” Collection. You will be duly impressed….as I was.
Little Lamb Slim 4 Inch Mattress

Little Lamb Slim 4″ Mattress

Little Lamb 6" Botanical Latex Rubber Mattress

Little Lamb 6″ Botanical Latex Rubber Mattress

The Little Spring 8" Mattress

The Little Spring 8″ Mattress

Thanks, Pete

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