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Latex Mattress Topper on a Firm Simmons Beautyrest‏.

Kerri writes:

Hi Pete,
Like many, I am struggling to successfully purchase an acceptable mattress.
Within the last 9 months, I’ve purchased and returned a Simmons world class beautyrest firm (super bad) and also the plush version. The firm sent my herniated disk into excruciating pain and is never quite settled down.
I purchased a third Simmons that has less coils, 800, and is listed as a plush pillowtop but I’m still struggling.
Never realized how complicated and frustrating this can be.
I’d push for an exchange, even though I’m past my window of opportunity, but have no clue what I need. I tried to ensure the gap in my lower back was formed against the mattress but still a bad pick.
Should I try a topper?
Should I bite the bullet and try another mattress?
I’m 53, 5 feet, 4 inches, 115 pounds.
I am usually a back sleeper but it’s just too painful and in the morning it takes a couple hours to move normally.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much!
Hi Kerri,

A plush pillowtop Beautyrest is the main source of all Simmons’ bad reviews.
It simply won’t last long.
A herniated disc requires some degree of firm support, At your size, you will also require a soft sleeping surface.
A latex topper would have been the right way to go if you still had your firm Beautyrest. But, it won’t do you any good on a plush pillowtop.
Frankly, it’s the wrong mattress for you.
If you can exchange it, do so.
If they will allow an exchange for you, send me a link to their website, and I’ll help choose something more appropriate.
My first two were Simmons world class beautyrest firm and then plush. Both felt like rocks.
This one is a Simmons beautyrest plush pillowtop Bainbridge from Macys. Past my return window but need to do something.
I do sleep ok on a similar Simmons plush pillowtop, Ali, at my mom’s but that has been discontinued for years and not sure how I would do daily.
Did not have an issue from day one on that one.
If you could suggest one from Macys, I’ll see what they can do it even any suggestion at this point.
I have the slumberland ones 30 days each but ended up on prednisone to walk.
Such a frustrating process!
My previous mattress was a restonic pillowtop on each side and had it for 47 years. The pillowtop wad old style –  quilt but no cush layers.
Thanks so much for any suggestions!

Hi Kerri,

If exchanging through Macy’s, get the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Teagan in luxury firm.
Add to that, a 3″ soft Talalay Latex mattress topper instead of buying a pillowtop model.
Latex Foam Mattress Topper

Latex Mattress Topper

Together, your body will have everything it needs to be well supported & comfortable…long term.
If Macy’s will not allow you an exchange, you might swap mattresses with the one your mom has.
Today’s mattresses, especially the name brands, are specifically designed to need replacing frequently.
What you find comfortable when new, will no longer be comfortable a year later.
The firmer mattress and the soft latex topper, on the other hand, will last you a decade, at least.
Hi Pete,
So I just have to ask, have I come full circle seeing as the first one I returned was a Simmons world class beautyrest 1000 coil firm?
Isn’t that sad. Probably just needed a topper?
No wonder people freak out 🙂
All you needed was the latex topper.
You then made the next most common mistake and now have something too soft.
It’s a vicious cycle with no one at the stores trained to provide any real help.
Thanks, Pete

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