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Comfort Inn Hotel Mattress.

Kim writes:Hotel bedding

Hi Pete,
I was searching the internet for the mattress purchased by Comfort Inn. I saw a response but it was from 2012 stating most hotels purchase Sealy, Serta and Simmons.
With the post being 3 years old, I was wondering if this is still true? I am looking to purchase a new mattress in the next month and slept very well there.
Thanks, Kim


Hi Kim,

Sealy, Simmons & Serta dominate the hotel industry.
The last time I checked, Comfort Inn had Sealy.
Sheraton switched from Sealy Posturepedic to Simmons Beautyrest last year…in the wake of Sealy being sold to Tempurpedic.
The larger, better hotels will, usually, use Sealy or Simmons.
I find that many of the lower end motels will use Serta.
Whatever you find in hotels can be found at retail stores…for about half the price that the hotels charge.
The model names for each mattress will be different at every store…making shopping more difficult.
The best way to shop is by comparing the specifications….a list of the materials used in the mattress.
Get that info from the hotel who’s mattress you like, and compare that list of specifications to the mattresses you find in stores.
It’s a bit of a chore, but the savings makes it worth the effort.

Thanks, Pete

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