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Pure & All Natural Latex Mattress on a Budget.

Lilith writes:

Hi Pete,

I believe you when you say that Latex mattresses are the best you can buy. However, the prices are enough to give my husband a coronary.
After reading much of your writings on your blogs and website, I know to ask where the latex comes from. Most of what seems to be affordable, does in fact, originate in China.
We are reasonably young and fit, (mid 30s…average size). I like a softer feel, while my husband is ok with anything that makes me happy.
Please, make me happy, without me having to call an ambulance for my poor hubby.
Hi Lilith,
I believe you are the first “Lilith” I have ever met. There was Frasier’s Lilith, but she was a TV character.  
From ancient Hebrew mythology, Lilith was Adam’s first mate…made equal to him, which didn’t seem to go over so well.
Eve, made from his rib, came later.
I wish I knew the whole story…but, I digress.
I do, in fact, have what you want. There is no trade off in quality, just in delivery. Instead of two men and a truck, everything arrives UPS…which cuts down on the cost by quite a bit.
And, if you are getting a foundation for it, as well, you will need to assemble that.
I have one of these latex mattresses in my guest room. The foundation comes with all pre-fit pieces that assembles easily with 6 bolts.
The latex, itself is 100% Natural, with no chemicals, no fillers, and no synthetics….All, 100% Pure Latex.
The core is 6″ of All Natural Dunlop Latex and it’s topped with 3″ of All Natural Talalay Latex.
The Talalay comes in a choice of comfort, with the “Soft” being the most popular by far.
It is finished with an organic cotton cover.
UPS delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Click on this link to view the Ever-Eden brand of latex mattresses. The 9″ will be their softest…although not too soft.

EverEden Latex Mattresses

EverEden Latex Mattress

Thanks, Pete

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