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All Natural Latex Foam Mattress.

Steve writes

Hi Pete, 

We are interested in an all natural latex foam mattress, and not at all interested in memory foam, as we know it sleeps hot. We’ve seen a couple Stearns & Foster  latex mattresses and was wondering about those. 
Are they made of all natural latex? The S&F is very cushy, but also seem, to me, to be susceptible to body indentation sooner. 
We are light-weight people, in 30s, and prefer sleeping on plush comfort but firm support. Local availability is difficult, so your help is appreciated!
1. Is Edge Support important?
2. How would you rate comfort/support/durability of the S&F models?
3. Is warranty claim threshold of 1.5″ on the S&F standard?
4. Which would be the right mattress for us that last the longest?
Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,
1) Latex is extremely resilient, so a HD , (high density), edge support isn’t terribly important, but commonly used just the same. That you are light weight, makes it that much less important.
2). S&F was purchased by Tempurpedic in 2013. Since then, every mattress they make has some of their memory foam in it…even their latex mattresses.
      Also, the latex used by S&F is “Smart Latex”, a euphemism for synthetic latex. Synthetic latex is a molecular clone of natural latex. No harmful chemicals are used in it’s manufacture, but it is
      NOT natural latex…and doesn’t have the same durability as natural latex. It is less expensive to make, which should, but doesn’t always reflect in the price.
3). The sagging threshold of a 1.5″ impression needed to prevail in a warranty claim, is standard in the industry. Some are greater, ranging as high as 3″.
      However, That threshold is only .75″ in most natural latex mattresses. .75″ is the threshold for the high quality latex brands that we carry.
4). Here again, an all natural latex mattress is preferable for long term use. These higher quality latex mattresses will, typically, last for a couple of decades or more…longer under light body weight. The brand that is best known is Pure Bliss. However, I’m also fond of the Natura brand. Both are very well made and come with free white glove delivery.
      We also carry a lesser expensive brand, Ever-Eden, which is also made of all natural latex, but is more basic in the way it’s made and is delivered via UPS.
      The model I would have you look at first, is the Natura Liberty in Plush, which has the feel you’re looking for.
Here is a link to the brands we carry…all, superior to anything made by S&F today.
Thanks, Pete

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