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Natura Bourdolay Plush All Latex Mattress

Gina writes:

Hi Pete

We are finally getting ready to purchase our mattress. I see that you are now carrying the Natura brand of latex mattresses. We are confused and of course nervous about buying a bed that we haven’t tried out. LOL I weigh 115 and husband 190 and like a bed that is plush feeling, but with good support. Like when you start out with a pillow top. Which would you recommend? Does the Natura need the latex topper? I am sorry if I have already ask the same questions, but we need to purchase and are starting over again.

Thanks, Gina

Hi Gina,

If you are considering a plush all latex mattress from Natura, then you would not need a latex topper. My wife and I just ordered a Bourdolay firm latex mattress from Natura and we will be using our soft latex topper with it. However, we are much heavier than you, which is why we went with the firm. You’d be just fine with the Bourdolay plush model….shown here:
NaturaLatex Bourdolay Plush Mattress

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Thanks, Pete

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