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Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Sleep Apnea, Very Big Man, Mattress Recommendation?

Pam writes:

Hi Pete,

Based on some of the other messages I’ve seen on your site, can you recommend a mattress for the following:
Husband is a big man – 6’1″ 280 – 290; just a big person – hands, head etc.,he’s just a very big man.
Me – 5’4″ 150.
Husband has knee problems; apnea and wakes up every morning complaining about shoulder hurting; back hurting wondering if it’s the mattress.
Me – I have scoliosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis. Can’t sleep or stay asleep. I sleep with a pillow between my legs to ease the pain when sleeping.
I’m interested in a split california king since we like to watch tv in bed and hoping the elevation would help with the snoring. 
Plus husband claims his feet hang off of a regular King.
Your website and knowledge is insightful as to ask what would you recommend without draining our savings. We are 53 and 55 in age.
Thanks, Pam

Hi Pam,

The two of you have completely different needs. Getting a split Cal. King is the perfect solution, as long as each of you gets what you need.
I’m guessing that you are considering a split Cal. King  adjustable bed base. Getting one will allow each of you to adjust each half to your liking.
Your husband will also be able to sleep with his head slightly elevated, which will help tremendously with his breathing.
And, in doing so, he’ll sleep more on his back, which will greatly reduce the pressure on his shoulders.
The split Cal. King will also allow each of you to get a mattress best suited for your individual needs.
Split Cal. King mattresses are not readily available. However, we carry the Natura brand of all latex mattresses, which does come in that size.
All natural latex is thee most durable material on the planet, and there is a firm model that will support his size over many years.
There is also a corresponding plush model of the same thickness that will accommodate your needs.
The model name for this mattress is Bourdolay…firm & plush. (The same model we just ordered for ourselves.)
White Glove delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
Here is a link to each of those mattresses.
NaturaLatex Bourdolay Plush Mattress

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Thanks, Pete

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