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Starting a New Mattress Manufacturing Facility in Canada.

Jim writes:

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  1. Hi Peter

    Thanks for your quick and detailed reply.

    We intend to make good quality mattress and if we are successful here in Canada..

    We do intend to open up in Us.

    In past I have manufactured and wholesaled container loads of upholstery and solid wood furniture in tri states .

    We are not only making mattress but we will be manufacturing our own foam.. We will be one of only 4 companies in all Ontario that makes foam…

    We plan to use higher grade of foam , springs , pocket coils , thicker gel in our mattress.

    Any other advice be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Jim

    Hi Jim,
    Gel is used with memory foam, to offset the sleeping hot feeling that memory foam produces. However, gel doesn’t work all night.

    The time that it does work varies with the consumer, based on the heat produced by each individual.

    The hotter the person, the shorter the results.

    Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material, that softens as it absorbs the body’s heat…and then reflects that heat back.

    The gel mitigates all of that, but as I said, doesn’t work all that well.

    If you aren’t using memory foam, you don’t need the gel.

    If you are using memory foam, then that is not what I call, “quality”.

    Memory foam is also toxic and it off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made…adding insult to injury.

    Even if you are manufacturing non-toxic plant based memory foam, you’ve only solved the toxicity problem.

    The heat it produces and the over-all poor and deceptive performance is still going to be a problem.

    The problem you face is one of quality vs. sales volume.

    I have chosen to push high quality latex over the poor quality memory foam.

    The result, is a lower volume of sales….in the face of everyone else pushing memory foam.

    But, I can live with that. And while we are not getting wealthy as a result of our direction, my customers are happy and my conscience doesn’t ever bother me.

    I don’t lose sleep over it.

    I’ve been in this business for 40 years and have seen it go from a completely legitimate industry to one replete with whores and pirates.

    I may not have been the right person to ask.

    Thanks, Pete

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