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Replacing a 24 year old innerspring mattress.

Blanche writes:

This will be all over the place, Pete!  Replacing a 24 year old innerspring mattress and box.  Symptoms hip/shoulder pain and numb entire same side, goes away after I walk around.  Feel like my hip digs in and spine not straight when sleeping.  Don’t know what brand but said pillow top on one side.  Both sides looked same.  Did sporadically flip.  Probably not top of line . Now, I just feel like I’m sleeping on a bunch of dust mites and want to get rid of both pieces.  Box 7″ and mattress 8″ but top looks flattened.   Maybe have read too much about changes in industry in last ten years.  Very leery of off-gassing, fire-retardants, etc.  Starting Humira injections tomorrow (psoriasis) and won’t know if it is mattress or medication if I start to feel funny.  I am a younger than age 67 years female, 5’4″ and 120 lbs. side sleeper.  Reading suggests to stick with innerspring and two-sided if that’s what I’m used to.  So many types of coils–Marshall, Bonnell, pocketed, continuous–head spinning. Online sources say that I want 4-7 firmness. Does a taller mattress (all other things being equal) mean a more durable, comfortable mattress?  Odds are I won’t be needing it another 24, but I don’t want something I will have to replace soon either.  Have a local factory close by (in Elkhart, IN).  They make only two-sided flippable, looks like warranty is extra and can be for 5 years or 10, depending on which service contract you buy? Prices way lower than any I see in stores.  Does that mean they are a lower quality?  I find it impossible to comparison-shop the big brands.  Same model marketed under different name at each retailer. Do you have any suggestions,  I could go about $1,000+ but more than that I will wonder if I am getting ripped off.  I have seen mattress alone go anywhere from $135-$8,000!  Also I see eco-labels like Oeko-Tex 100, Certi-Pur, Global Textile, etc., and I am sure those make mattress more expensive but they sound so much safer!  What would you say to me other than stop reading and go out and test mattresses? Thanks, Blanche

Hi Blanche,

That is a nice variety of questions….questions that most people should be asking, but don’t.

Much has changed in the last 10 years…let alone, 24.

There are very few name brand mattresses that we recommend, as most are laden with the toxic memory foam…one of the 2 things to avoid most. The other is a pillowtop.

When you shop at stores…mostly the big chain stores, you will pay more than you should. Consumers are easily led by advertising, which is extremely expensive.

So, when you go to the first store you think of, you do so because they’ve done the most advertising. The money spent on ads, has to be recovered…and they do that with inflated prices.

Going out to stores to test mattresses, is a waste of time…unlike 24 years ago, when what you tried lasted a very long time.

The memory foam used in most of today’s mattresses, is meant to deceive. It provides initial comfort that is worth nothing, beyond making the sale. Within months, not years, that memory foam begins to lose its support and comfort….designed to turn you into a frequent buyer…a new mattress every few years.

Memory foam is a diabolical product. Even after it loses its support and comfort, it will return to its original shape when you get off of the mattress. It will not show a body impression deep enough to prevail in a warranty claim…rendering the manufacturer’s warranty, “Worthless”…which is why the length of warranties have grown from the standard 10 years, to 20. 25 and lifetime. After-all, if the warranty is made worthless by the memory foam, what difference does it make, how long the warranty is. THIS, is but another deceptive practice employed by the name brands.

So, no, I would not suggest going out to try beds.

Of all the upholstery layers that are used, latex is and has always been the best of them…most comfortable and longest lasting.

It was introduced in the 1920s, along with the Bonnell Coil and the pocketed coil. The continuous head to foot construction was introduced in the 1980s and has always been a cheap, lousy coil unit.

I have a couple of recommendations for you.

Wolf, also a Midwest company, is very old…owned by the same family since established in 1873. Some of my best values come from them.

These will be among the least expensive that are of very high quality.

Their Adrian model uses a bonnell coil and upholstered with all natural latex. Their Adara model uses a pocketed coil and is also upholstered with all natural latex. Both are one sided mattresses.

Shown here:


Wolf Adrian & Adara Latex Hybrid Mattress

They also make 2 sided mattress. These all use the bonnell coil and are upholstered with poly foam…which is what your 24 y/o mattress uses for upholstery.

Shown here:


Wolf two-sided mattress

All of the Wolf products are shipped FedEx, so you will need to have someone bring it in and set it up for you.


Comfort levels, like your 4-7 have no industry standard and should be considered with a grain of salt. Most every store, except us, use comfort levels. And, each store makes it up….that’s one person’s opinion and a different person at each store is expressing his or her opinion….not something upon which to hang your hat…so to speak.

Top of the line mattresses are, more often than not, a huge waste of money…lots of padding that compresses way to easily…what I consider to be, “A sucker’s bet”.

Look into what your local factory has to offer. Just be sure to avoid memory foam…which, I’m sure they have.

Even Wolf offers memory foam in some of their mattresses…but those don’t make it to my website.

Thanks, Pete
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