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Ever Eden 6″ All Natural Latex Mattress for Children.

Linda writes:

Hi Pete,
We purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Reflexion Venice Beach latex mattress from you, some years ago…And We Love It. Thank You for steering us to it.
We are back and looking for a mattress for my grandchildren, What, on your site, is comparable and suitable for a five year old? Thanks! Linda

Hi Linda,

Happy to see you back and happy that you’re enjoying your latex mattress.

Your question is an easy one.

We recently got an all natural latex mattress for our grandson. I would suggest the same for yours.

It’s the 6″ Ever-Eden. I suggest starting with the 6″ model. When they are older and need more surface softness, then you can add a 2″ soft all natural latex topper.

This is a one time purchase. A mattress like this will last a small child until they are grown and gone. And, they can take it with them to college and to their 1st apartment.

It will maintain their proper spinal alignment for their entire growth years and relieve all pressure points as to provide a deep night’s sleep…each and every night for decades to come.

Delivery if free and there’s no sales tax.

Here is a link to that mattress.


EverEden Latex Mattresses

EverEden Latex Mattress

100% All-Natural, Chemical Free Latex Mattresses These EverEden Latex mattresses are made with a 6″ 100% All-Natural Dunlop core. The 8″ model includes a 2″ 100 …

Thanks, Pete

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