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Large People, Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia & Latex Mattress Topper.

Mark writes: We are large people. I am 300 pounds and my wife 200 pounds. Will your Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm mattress work for us? Thanks, Mark   Hi Mark, The Alexia will absolutely hold your weights. The coils are strong enough. However, the padding […]

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Fibromyalgia, Simmons Beautyrest Mattress with a Soft Latex Topper.

Star writes: I battle Fibromyalgia. The best solution I have found so far is a memory foam mattress topper on top of a pillow top bed. Both are in need of replacing. However, my low back does pay the price. What would your advice be? Thank you, StarHi Star, […]

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A Latex topper for a flipped over memory foam mattress.

Karen writes: Good afternoon Pete, We flipped over our memory foam mattress. The mattress was a little firm last night so I’m leaning towards the medium Talalay Latex topper.   It also slept extremely hot.  Do they soften over time? What is the cover material (bamboo, cotton, […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Hotel Mattress in Plush.

Constance writes: Hi Pete! It is so nice to talk to an expert! My husband and I recently slept on a queen sized mattress at a Main Stay Suites in Pigeon Forge, TN that was labeled “Beauty Rest Mattress, by Simmons Hospitality, Choice Hotels II, “plush.” It […]

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All Natural Latex Foam Mattress.

Michelle writes: Hi Pete,  One last question. Do you feel the latex topper over the Simmons Beautyrest is better than an all latex foam mattress? I’m 5’7’’ and 150 lbs. My husband is 5’9’’ and 200 lbs. We are both 50 yrs old and we are both mainly side […]

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Stearns & Foster Heidi with a Latex Mattress Topper.

David Writes: Hi Pete, I just spoke with you on the phone. Thanks for the time. We noted in the reviews on the Latex topper, people were in love with the Stearns and Foster spring bed (Heidi?) and the 2″ latex topper.  I didn’t see the Stearns […]

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Herniated Disc, Back, Neck & Hip Pain from our Tempurpedic Mattress.

Sheila writes: I need help buying a mattress. I am 55 years old (female). I am 5′ 9″ tall and weight 175. I have a herniated disc and pain in my lower back (L4-5) It is an old injury but acts up sometimes. I have stiffness when […]

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A Soft Talalay Latex Foam Mattress Topper.

Selma writes: I have a fairly new Simmons Black pillow top Beautyrest mattress and find it is not as soft or plush as I thought it would be. I am not sure if i should add a soft or a medium Talalay Latex foam topper….also whether a […]

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Luxury Firm Annapolis Beautyrest World Class mattress & 2″ Talalay Latex topper.

Charlie writes: Following your advice, I am looking to buy the Luxury Firm Annapolis Beautyrest World Class mattress and the 2″ Talalay Latex topper. Do your guys set up upon delivery ? Do you take the old mattress? how long does it take to get delivered? I […]

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Sealy Reflexion Huntington Beach latex mattress.

Kerry writes: Hello. I have a Sealy Reflexion Huntington Beach latex mattress and in the course of searching, what if anything I can do to salvage it, I happened upon your web site. You recommended flipping the mattress over and adding a latex topper. Can you please […]

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World Class Presidents Day Free Box Spring Event!

Simmons’ President’s Day Free Box Spring Sale has Begun ! Pay for the mattress only and get the boxspring FREE. The sale applies to any model in their World Class line. Call to take advantage of this  Sale. 1-856-874-6894 It’s Fast, It’s Easy! Delivery is free everywhere within the continental US, […]

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An Old Fashion Two-Sided Innerspring Mattress That Can Be Flipped.

Verna writes: I’m looking for a full size mattress with no foam and no pillow top. Had both and hated them. I would like an old fashion two-sided innerspring mattress that can be flipped end to end and side to side. Thanks Verna Hi Verna, The foam […]

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Hip and Back Pain – Latex Mattress Topper Question.

Leona writes: Hi, Pete — Thanks for your informative response. Yes, I’m in agreement with the memory foam mattresses; very toxic indeed. And yes, we have totally seen this reflected in our mattress experience. Heck, even with the current mattress the delivery people told us to never […]

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Warranty, stain/cleaning, Waterproof Mattress Protector.

Hi, Can you recommend a way to clean stains from a mattress . I have a nxg series memory foam top with some yellowish sweat stains. I’m trying to return this mattress because of the giant pit that’s formed in the middle that we roll into every […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Silver Pointe cushion firm mattress & latex topper.

Dustin writes: Hi, My wife and I purchased a king size Sealy Posturepedic Silver Pointe cushion firm a few of years ago. Sealy is replacing the mattress for us under warranty due to a big slump on one side and a high ridge down the middle. They […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress & Latex Topper.

Meg Writes: Went mattress shopping today & enjoyed the feel of the Sealy Destiny Optimum mattress. However, after reading your advice, I’ve decided to avoid memory foam. I’m 5’10’ and weigh 125-165 lbs (that would be pregnancies). I really like firm mattresses, tight, no coosh. I got burned […]

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Stearns and Foster Italian Garden Villa latex mattress.

David writes: Hello, I am looking to purchasing a Stearns and Foster Italian Garden Villa latex mattress.  I understand it might be a discontinued model.  I am having difficulty finding any specifications about the materials and construction of the mattress.  I’m told that the mattress is made […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress & Latex Topper Advice.

Vivian writes: Thanks Pete. As an FYI, I did try your suggested bed and liked it. Regarding using a mattress topper, I know you suggest using Latex. But since I didn’t find a latex bed very comfortable, would another type of topper be a better choice or […]

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An All-Natural Latex Topper…and NOT a new mattress.

Nick writes: Hi Pete, I’ve followed your blog for several years as my wife and I have furnished our bedrooms with new mattresses. In 2009, we purchased a Stearns and Foster luxury firm (Montgomery) model. I believe it was one of the first S&F sets with the […]

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A Two-Sided Flippable Mattress for a Big Man.

Melony writes: Hello! As with all your readers, I need your advice! Only 2 years ago we purchased a Tempurpedic from Denver Mattress. Although our friends encouraged us to “give it time”, we just weren’t patient enough for the mattress to break in. It remained so stiff […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress on a Platform Bed.

Terry writes: Peter, My wife has picked the bedroom furniture she is purchasing.  The bed is designed with an elevated platform and there is really no space for the box springs. Is it an issue to not have the box springs with the “World Class Annapolis Place […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Flatbrook Mattress for a Child.

John writes: Hello, After reading your recommendations of the Simmons Beautyrest Flatbrook Luxury Firm mattress we are interested in it, but we would like to try one locally before ordering. We are in northern Virginia. Is there an equivalent model at Macy’s? Thanks, John Hi John, The closest […]

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Sagging Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett Pillowtop.

Joe writes: Hello & Happy New Year! We need an opinion from The Mattress Expert…we bought the Simmons Beauty Sleep Bartlett pillow-top mattress in August 2013. I weight 165, my wide 135, so it seems it is sagging a bit more than it should.  Based on the photo, can […]

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Sleeping Hot, Mattress Protector that Sleeps Cool

September writes: Hi Peter, I recently purchased a Beautyrest Recharge mattress.  There is no returning it.  It is so hot that I can hardly stand it.  The bed is very comfortable, but hot flashes and this bed aren’t a good mix. My room temperature is about 62 […]

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Oeko-Tex Certified Pure All-Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers.

Niyant writes: Hi there, I had a few questions about your Talalay Latex topper features on this page: https://themattressexpert.com/talalay-dunlop-latextoppers/ * What is the ILD rating and density for the “firm” talalay topper? * Is this product certified? * Does the latex include any synthetic elements? * What is […]

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