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Wolf Adrian Latex Hybrid One Sided Mattress vs Wolf Tulah Two Sided Model with Latex Topper.

Patrick writes:

Hi Pete,

My wife and I have been trying to find a suitable sleeping situation for all the 28 years we’ve been married. I think we’re really close.  

About three years ago we bought a very expensive organic latex mattress with a couple of toppers made from the same material.  

I was concerned at the time we bought this thing that I was hitting bottom through it (I’m 6′ and weigh 225lbs) the salesman said to just add the topper if it was a problem.  

My wife is 5’8″ and weighs about 140.  She loves the latex and I thought it was torture.  

We ended up splitting the king mattress down the middle and I got an xl twin Beautyrest whatever was the firmest thing they had in the Black Series then. 

It did OK with a variety of polyurethane toppers for about two plus years, but now I’m finding that the mattress is sinking in the middle, and I’m much more comfortable along the very edges. 

I turn it every month or so, but it can’t be flipped.  The latex toppers have been put in the linen closet for another day as they stink, stink, stink to high heaven.  

I’m looking at trying one of the Wolf mattresses and I’m especially interested in the ones that can be flipped.  

I also look at the materials in the hybrid Wolf mattresses and think that those look very interesting.  Are those two-sided?  Can they be flipped?   

I like the individually wrapped coils in the Simmons, but the Bonnell coils sound like they hold up better over the long haul. 

My back likes a very very firm bed, but as I get older my shoulders and hips get sore on those.  Toppers have helped, but the stench from the latex was overwhelming. 

The polyurethane toppers work somewhat, but I suspect that this mattress is starting to sag a bit.  A firm memory foam mattress was just evil all around. (We’ve tried them all.)  Any suggestions?

Thanks, Patrick

Hi Patrick,
You are the 2nd person, recently, who has complained about the stink of latex….which is very odd, from my standpoint.
We use latex at home and have for many years. In all that time, the only odor is the slight smell of rubber when you stick your nose in it…like the smell of rubber bands.
Without our noses directly in it, they have no smell at all. This makes me wonder where your latex came from.
We avoid selling latex that’s made in China, because you never know what they will put in it. I know they commonly use clay as a filler, which reduces the life span and the cost.

Also, There are plenty of people, including mattress salespeople, who don’t know the difference between latex and memory foam.

Memory foam consists of all chemicals and off-gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made….and always stinks.

Perhaps you have memory foam toppers and don’t realize it.
Anyway, Latex Foam Rubber is all natural & chemical free, and has been the best upholstery material for the past 100 years…nothing new there.
Latex does a similar job to polyurethane foam, but lasts for many more years.
For instance, my wife and I, each in the 225 lb range, slept on a luxury firm Simmons Black mattress for 4 years…using a 2″ soft Talalay Latex topper with it.
At the end of those 4 years, the topper and the mattress remained in like new condition…thanks to the latex topper. Our son and his wife now have that mattress set.
You started with a firmer Black model, but the poly foam topper didn’t do the job that latex does.
The Wolf Hybrid mattresses are already upholstered with latex and wouldn’t need a topper. They are one sided. 
The Adrian model uses a Bonnell coil and would be the one to choose for a large man….shown here:

Wolf Adrian Latex Hybrid Mattress






Size Price Shipping Weight; Twin Set: $839.99: Foundation: 32lbs Mattress: 59lbs: Twin: $649.99: Mattress: 59lbs: Full Set: $969.99: Foundation: 32lbs Mattress: 66lbs

The Two-sided Wolf mattresses, also use a Bonnell coil, but are upholstered with Poly foam. You will need a latex topper for these.
The Tulah in firm is the logical choice…and an Ever-Eden 2″ soft Talalay Latex topper to go with it.
The links for those items are Here:









Latex Mattress Topper






You might try a little Febreze and a good airing of the latex toppers you own, before buying.

Thanks, Pete
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