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Wolf Tulah Firm Two Sided Mattress.

Jane writes:

Peter –
You are right on target about one-sided mattresses, mine starting sagging after 2 months of use.
I deeply regret getting rid of my old 2-sided mattress and buying this 1-sided piece of junk that I currently have –
But I digress…so far I have found (3) two-sided innerspring mattresses that look promising:  Shifman, Wolf, or Gold Bond – I’m sure any of these will be an improvement.
Thank you for your response!

Hi Jane,

Don’t forget. Avoid memory foam. That’s what will fail quickly…well before everything else.
And, memory foam off gasses the toxic chemicals from which it’s made.
You’ll find a list of the upholstery materials used on the white “law” label…sewn into one of the seams at the head of the mattress.
Memory foam is aka Visco foam, short for Visco-Elastic foam, (Its original name).
Memory foam is without equal and without rival, when it comes to being the worst material ever made for this purpose.
Most old fashioned mattresses, will have used polyethylene foam, an insulator pad, and the coil unit.
The coil unit that is in the Wolf, is the one that dominated the market, from the 1920’s until the 1980’s…the truly old fashioned type.
Wolf two-sided mattress

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Thanks, Pete

An Important Note: 
Any kind of moisture, be it from spills, accidents or perspiration causes a mattress to wear prematurely.
Protect your investment with high quality, Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors that sleep cool and won’t shrink.

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  1. Wanting to know what kind of box spring to put under the mattress that won’t break

  2. Hi Tina,

    Box springs breaking is not a common occurrence.

    You must have run into some trouble, or you wouldn’t be asking.

    The strongest foundation, without equal, is The Forever Foundation.

    Shown here:

    Forever Foundations | The Mattress Expert

    About Forever Foundations Assembly Video Link Warranty Information Link Customer Service Link Imagine never having to buy a box spring and frame again!

    Thanks, Pete

    Important Note:

    Moisture will cause mattresses to wear out faster.

    Protect your mattress from accidents, spills & perspiration with our all natural silver infused cotton waterproof mattress & pillow protectors. They sleep cool and won’t shrink when washed in hot water.



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