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Archive for February 2016

Simmons Beautyrest Alexia extra firm mattress and a latex topper for large people.

Krys writes: Hi Pete, I weigh 325 and my fiancé is 200. I read another review you wrote suggesting the Simmons Beautyrest Alexia extra firm mattress and a latex topper.  The only problem I have is I live in a converted attic that has a somewhat narrow spiral staircase.  […]

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Wolf Old Fashioned Two Sided, Flippable Mattress.

Gary writes: Hi Pete, I see you carry two sided flippable mattresses by The Wolf Company. I am very interested in getting one of these mattresses through your website. I live in Canada, but frequently cross the border into the US on business. Is there an easy way […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Santorini Mattress & Latex Topper.

David writes: Hi Pete, I purchased a Stearns & Foster Kimberly queen mattress in luxury firm from you in 2010, and put a 2″ latex topper on it.  It has been fantastic in all the years I’ve had it, and I plan to keep the bed.  However, life changes have […]

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A Mattress and Latex Topper for Large People.

Ken writes: Hi Pete, I’m 6’4″ and 300 lbs back sleeper, and my wife is under 200 lbs side sleeper. We’ve been through three beautyrests over the past 12 years, one plush, one luxury firm, one firm.   They all started out great for the first month, but in the end they all […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Plush Pillowtop mattress.

Zoe writes: Hi Pete, I have been sleeping OK on a fairly firm mattress, just wake up with stiffness but not severe pain.   I am 60 years old, and have severe scoliosis with back and hip pressure-point problems.   I wondered if I would feel better on […]

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Best mattress for degenerative disc disease.

Antariksh writes: Hi Sir, I am 27 yrs old. Ht 172cm and wt 98kgs I am suffering from multi level lumbosacral disc degenerative disease.  My lower spine is compressed from L2 to S1 at each level. I feel numbness and tingling sensation in my legs while walking and also […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Palatial Crest Pillowtop King mattress set.

Janice writes: I am looking for a Sealy Posturepedic Palatial Crest Pillowtop King mattress set. This mattress is on the King beds at Bluegreens Big wilderness club in Big Cedar in Ridgedale, Mo and I wake without pain. Can it be purchased for residential use? Thanks, Janice Hi […]

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What is the weight of your Latex mattress topper.

Mike writes: Hi Pete, How much does a latex topper weigh?   How should it be handled when removed to flip the mattress, folded or rolled ? Thanks, Mike Hi Mike, About 37 pounds in queen. Folded…rolled…doesn’t matter. However, it’s not a one man job. Easy to do […]

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Fixing Mattress Mistakes in Ontario, Canada.

Karen writes: Hi Pete, We purchased a Simmons Beautyrest tight top set  ( Brooklyn II) in Dec from The Bay and boy, is it firm! We are seniors ( not skinny) and find our shoulders aching every morning, some arm tingling, and occasional lower back pain. We […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Black Ava & Latex Topper for a large woman with sciatica & back pain.

Pam writes: Hi Pete, I am a 65 year old large (245lbs) woman who can’t seem to ever get a good night sleep.  I had lower back surgery 10 years ago on the right lower back and now my left lower back is hurting and the sciatica is acting up […]

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White Glove Mattress Delivery, including removal of the old set, with all Simmons Beautyrest.

Sue writes: Hi Pete, I’m interested in the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Santorini, may order soon…..wondering if you offer removal of old mattress and box spring. Thanks, Sue Hi Sue, Yes. It’s part of the delivery service that comes with a Simmons purchase. White Glove Delivery, including delivery to your […]

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Mattress for Murphy Bed & a pillow for chronic neck pain.

Sandra writes: Hello Peter,   I am 54 years old and am having lower back pain and need a new mattress.  My 60 year old husband is having back pain as well.   We want twin mattresses and plan to get a platform type Murphy bed as we want […]

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The Simmons Beautyrest Black Ava in luxury firm, with an Ever-Eden 2″ soft Talalay Latex topper for DDD, Herniated Discs & Sciatica.

Erin writes: Hi Pete, My husband has constant lower back pain and our current mattress is not helping. He has had 2 back surgeries in the past 3 years. He has degenerative disk disease in his L4 and L5 and a herniated disk in his L1 along […]

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A Soft Talalay Latex Topper for a Simmons Beautrest Teagan luxury firm mattress & Arthritis.

Joan writes: Hi Peter,  I am interested in the Talalay latex topper. We recently purchased a Simmons Beautrest Teagan luxury firm mattress. I opted for that model even though I liked another  mattress that was softer.  I have never had a soft mattress. However, at my age (56), I […]

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Best Mattress for Sciatica, Herniated discs, & shoulder pain.

Mary Jane writes: Hi Peter, I have lower back problems(L5 disk herniatied disk),sciatica, and a bad right shoulder.  I sleep on my back and left side(I try not to on right side because of the bad shoulder).  I have a 10-year old bed off brand pillow top […]

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An Ever-Eden 3″ Soft Vytex Dunlop Latex Mattress Topper for a big man with joint pain.

Katy writes: Hi Pete, I’m considering a latex mattress topper for an existing firm queen innerspring mattress. The primary sleeper is about 325 pounds, and he has joint and low back pain.  For someone that size, what is your best recommendation among your Talalay mattress toppers for […]

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A Latex Topper for a large woman.

Cindy writes: Hello Pete, I wanted to talk about your toppers and what would be best for me. My husband went out and bought an 8,700.00 YuMe mattress/box springs on adjustable frames.  Although he is sleeping like a baby, I am not. I weigh more than the […]

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