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A Mattress and Latex Topper for Large People.

Ken writes:

Hi Pete,

I’m 6’4″ and 300 lbs back sleeper, and my wife is under 200 lbs side sleeper.
We’ve been through three beautyrests over the past 12 years, one plush, one luxury firm, one firm.  

They all started out great for the first month, but in the end they all built up really uncomfortable indentations and cause shoulder pain after a night’s sleep.  

Unfortunately it seemed like they were the only major brand with pocketed coils for much needed motion isolation between sleepers.  

At this point, I’m assuming that at my weight, I can rule out all the memory foam and coil-on-coil beds.

Looking at your previous recommendations for using a Wolf Tulah with a latex topper, how poor would motion isolation be?  

More importantly, is it possible to get Cal King size beds made?  I have too many high-end sheets from my previous life in Cal King size.

And, with a regular King, my feet would hang off the bed.
What are the specs on the foam in the Tulal firm and luxury firm?  Is there any offgassing involved?  

I am extremely allergic to VOCs and start coughing within 30 ft of the Tempurpedic section of the mattress store.
Also, with high strength coils, is this bed really delivered in a rolled up package?  

Lastly, if it’s just the memory foam that’s indenting, can I either flip my pillowtop over and put a topper on? 

Or,can I open up mattress and remove most of the upper foam layers and put a topper on (so 14″ sheets would still fit)

Hi Ken,
Since a latex topper is going to be involved with a new mattress, logic dictates that you get the topper first and use it on the flip side of the mattress you have.
Quite often, that all you need to do. If, in fact, you do need a new mattress, you’ll already have the topper to use with it.
Motion separation is big part of the Beautyrest story.
If you do need a new mattress, the Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia, along with the latex topper, will be your best option.
Here are link to the toppers and that mattress. The topper to get, is the Ever-Eden 3″ Soft Vytex Dunlop.


Vytex Dunlop Latex  Mattress Topper

Vytex Dunlop Latex Topper





Talalay Latex toppers are normally purchased as “Soft” for the purpose of softening a too firm mattress. However, both, the Vytex Dunlop & Talalay Latex Mattress …


Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia Extra Firm








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Thanks, Pete

An Important Note: 
Any kind of moisture, be it from spills, accidents or perspiration causes a mattress to wear prematurely.
Protect your investment with high quality, Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors that sleep cool and won’t shrink.

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