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Simmons Beautyrest Felicity 650 Plush Super Pillowtop mattress for over 8 years.

Lynn writes:

My husband & I also slept on a mattress at a hotel we knew we must have, so we ordered it after contacting the hotel.
We have now had the Simmons Beautyrest Felicity 650 Plush Super Pillowtop mattress for over 8 years and it is still the best rest both of us have ever found.
I highly recommend this mattress to anyone updating their bedding.


Hi Lynn,
Thank you for sharing your positive experience.
Unfortunately, things have changed dramatically over the last 8 years.
Today’s plush pillowtop Beautyrests almost always end up in a warranty claim.
The reason for this, is all the memory foam that is used today.
In order for anyone to buy a mattress with the same specifications, as the one you own, you’d have to go back in time.
If you look on line at reviews for Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, you’ll find that they are horrible.
Not all Beautyrets are bad. But the plush models, which use a thin gauge wire for the coils….and the pillowtops, which are now filled with memory foam, lose their support and comfort before a year is up.
So you see, your positive experience can no longer be had with today’s plush pillowtop Beautyrest mattresses.


Thanks, Pete
An Important Note: 
Any kind of moisture, be it from spills, accidents or perspiration causes a mattress to wear prematurely.
Protect your investment with high quality, Waterproof Mattress and Pillow Protectors that sleep cool and won’t shrink.

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