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Archive for April 2016

Which Ever-Eden Soft Talalay Latex Mattress topper?

Wendy writes: Hi Pete, After two bed returns, I read every blog posting and article you’ve ever commented on and with all my trusty notes purchased the Simmons Beautyrest World Class Santorini in Luxury Firm.  I really, really loved the Plush version but the sales person at Macy’s advised me, as […]

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All Natural Latex & Natura Greenspring Mattresses have NO MEMORY FOAM.

Jill writes: Hi Pete:  We have tried 4 different sets of King mattresses over the last 10 years. Memory foam is not for me even as an additional cushion because it causes all body contacts to store heat and feel like burning.  Are there any really good […]

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Comparable mattress to the Sealy Posturepedic Reserve ladybird Firm.

Gabriela writes: Hello Peter, I finally slept on an amazing mattress. I found out it’s at least a few years old.  The name of it is The Sealy Posturepedic Reserve ladybird Firm.  Can you tell me what would be a comparable mattress? Thank you so very much! […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Broadway mattress in Luxury Firm & Latex Topper For Child/Guest Room

Laura writes: Hi Pete,  I am in the market for a child’s full size bed/ guest bed.  I have seen you highly recommend the Beautyrest Broadway luxury firm mattress for children.  This seems like a solid choice however I am concerned about body indentations that may form over […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Monogram 600 Plush Euro Pillowtop Hotel Mattress.

Lloyd writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I are in a dilemma with our bed.  We have gone thru 3 different mattresses in the last 2 months and none are working.   Luckily, so far, they have all had 90 day warranties so we could return for a […]

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A Firm Two Sided Wolf Tulah Mattress for a 300 Lb. Man.

Scott writes: Hi Pete, Do you have any 2-sided (flip type) very firm mattresses to recommend? I find these hold up much better under my weight, (300 lbs.) Thanks, Scott Hi Scott, After mattresses went one-sided, plenty of people wrote me about wanting their two-sided beds back. We’ve […]

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A Wolf Two Sided Mattress & Latex Topper for herniated discs, sciatica & a large man.

Hi Pete,                                                                                           […]

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Sciatica pain needs a soft latex topper for a firm mattress.

Eva writes: Hi Pete I have a very firm mattress. Since this past December I’ve been dealing with sciatica pain from a degenerated disc. I’m no longer comfortable sleeping on my mattress.   I wake up stiff and in discomfort.  I’m 55, female and weigh 157 pounds.  I’m […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia vs. Giada Extra Firm Mattress.

John writes: Hi Pete, Are the Simmons Beautyrest Black Alexia and Giada extra firm mattresses the same? I saw the Giada at Macy’s but like the price of your Alexia much more. Also, after reading your excellent blog, do you think I will need a latex topper […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses contain memory foam.

Colleen writes: Hi Pete,  We are shopping for a new mattress and found your site – we are a little confused over the fact that you seem against memory foam for toxicity and heat trapping, and yet consistently recommended the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, which contains layers of various memory foam?? Can […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid is the Best Mattress on a Budget.

George writes: Hi Pete, Love the blog. Thanks for all the great information. My wife and I, who are both average size, have been looking for a mattress that: 1) Has no memory foam 2) Is reasonably priced 3) Will reduce motion transfer 4) Hold up well […]

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Beautyrest Black Rita Mattress for Degenerative Disc Disease.

Jodi writes: Dear Sirs, I have degenerative disc disease with piriformis syndrome and severe restless legs.  I am 5′ 4″ tall and weigh 150 lbs. I am a back sleeper and need a new mattress.  I am looking at the Simmons Beautyrest Black Rita mattress.  I currently have […]

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