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Questions about latex mattresses.

Tatiana writes:

  1. We purchased a 2″ latex topper from you a few years ago. We are ready to make the upgrade to a latex mattress. We visited a store today that carries Berkeley Ergonomics brand and they downplayed the significance of Dunlop latex. They also wanted to sell us a Euro slat system for a more comfortable feel. We want to make this purchase last for a while. What do you suggest. We do prefer a soft top.

  2. Hi Trent,

    Well, it’s no secret that everyone has an opinion.

    The fact is, Dunlop is more dense than Talalay, and Talalay is more supple than Dunlop.

    Given these facts, Dunlop makes for a better support layer, while Talalay can’t be beat for

    surface comfort.

    Logic dictates that the best latex mattress will have a Dunlop core and a Talalay comfort layer.

    Now. It’s also important for these latex layers to be all natural, for the greatest degree of wearability

    and longevity….with no fillers, like clay, which they use in Chinese made latex.

    Also, no synthetic latex, as is common with many Talalay latex.

    And, needless to say, no chemicals.

    We carry a latex mattress from Ever-Eden, which is all these things.

    Their 9″ model is their softest, using soft Dunlop and soft Talalay.

    Here is the link to the Ever-Eden line.

    Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.

    Thanks, Pete

    Important Note:

    Moisture will cause mattresses to wear out faster.

    Protect your mattress from accidents, spills & perspiration with our all natural silver infused cotton waterproof mattress & pillow protectors. They sleep cool and won’t shrink when washed in hot water.



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