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Archive for October 2016

An All Natural Ever-Eden Latex Mattress for a Heavy Set Man with Fibromyalgia.

Philip writes: Hi Pete, I have fibromyaglia, heavy set man. I’m trying to wade through all the hype of mattress shopping. I need to find something that works for me. I’m a side sleeper, I like cushy not firm mattresses I’m tired of reading lists and lists […]

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Sealy Posturpedic Dynasty 200 plush and a Monogram 400 plush mattress.

Dolph writes: Hi Pete, I’m looking to purchase a King and Queen Mattress.  In the past we have ordered a Sealy Posturpedic Dynasty 200 plush and a Monogram 400 plush.  Are these still available and what is the cost of each? Thanks, Dolph Hi Dolph, The model name changes, […]

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Wolf Two Sided Flippable Tulah Mattress.

Gregory writes: Hi Pete, What are the dimensions of the Wolf Two-Sided Flippable Mattress…The Tulah in Firm…full size?  Hi Gregory, 53″ x 74″ is the usual finished size of a full size mattress. That can vary a little. The stated size is 54″ x 75″, but there is usually some “shrinkage” […]

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Ever Eden Soft Latex Mattress for MS patient.

Linda writes: Hi Pete, Hoping you can help.   I need a mattress suitable to be used on an adjustable bed.  It also needs to accommodate a young man suffering from MS.   My research suggests a sleep surface that relieves the body’s pressure points.   Any assistance you can provide […]

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Top Quality Two-Sided Wolf Brooklyn Plush Mattress.

Melissa writes: Hi There Pete,I use to have a Sealy Posturepedic Strathmore 2 plush mattress, and loved it.  I still have it in my guestroom and it has help up great over 16 years.  We have an adjustable base now, and it was not advised to put this […]

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Best mattress for osteoarthritic knees.

Liz writes: Hi Pete, I have been plagued with severe osteoarthritis in my knees.   Recently diagnosed with pseudogout in my arthritic knees.  The pain is unbelievable. I need a new mattress and box springs. I am 60 years old and very small…only 5′ tall and weigh 100 lbs. Any […]

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A Mattress that will Hold Up to a Big Man, with Shoulder, Hip and Neck Pain.

Santa writes: Hi Pete, I’m a big man…320/340 lbs. I’ve already bought and returned a couple of mattresses and I want something that will hold me and be comfortable. I have a sore neck, hip and shoulder. So, the mattress must address these issues. What’s more, I’m […]

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Buying a non-toxic and/or organic mattress. Natura Greenspring.

Carla writes: Hi Pete, It’s time for a new mattress, and I am going crazy trying to find the best one to suite us, and still am unsure.  Non toxic and organic are very important to me what do you recommend? Carla Hi Carla, The recent interest […]

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In Pain with a Tempurpedic. Latex Topper or New Mattress?

Candace writes: Hi Pete, I sleep on a 5yr old tempurpedic memory foam mattress with a tempurpedic memory foam pillow.  I still get neck pain, tension headaches and stiff shoulders with chronic knots in my muscles.  I’ve been told these muscles feel more like tiny rocks then muscles due to the […]

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Queen Sealy Posturepedic mattress o go with my 2″ latex topper.

Liz writes: Hi Pete,  I found you several years ago when I was researching mattresses and based on your blogs/advice, I purchased a Talalay 2″ latex topper for my Sleep Number bed in hopes of putting off the inevitable mattress buy.  The topper worked great for a year […]

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Wolf Two Sided Mattress to replace an Old Sealy Two Sided Mattress.

Jonathan writes: Hi Pete,We are looking to replace an old Sealy Posturepedic two-sided mattress. We’ve been very happy with our mattress of over the last 10 years (given to us) and don’t want to mess with a good time thing… From what I can tell, Sealy  no longer […]

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A Wolf Latex/Hybrid Adara Mattress for my Mother with Parkinson’s and Arthritis.

Odete writes: Hello Peter,I need some expert guidance.  My mother suffers from Parkinson’s and on top of that has arthritis in her lower spine.  Both of which make it difficult for her to lay in bed for more than 2-3 hours and get out of bed when […]

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Sealy Posturepedic Encore CSS Plush Disneyland Hotel Mattess.

Kristine writes: Hi Pete, I just spent a week at the Disneyland Hotel sleeping on the Sealy Posturepedic Encore CSS Plush Hotel Mattess. I slept better than I have in years, no aches no pains. I am trying to find the same exact mattress to purchase for my […]

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Mattress & latex topper help needed please.

Betty writes: Hi Pete, I am in desperate need of a new mattress and probably a topper as well.  My queens size S&F has served me well for decades.  I’ve tested different mattresses in stores and was leaning towards a firm mattress with a plush pillowtop.   Fortunately, my […]

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Replacing an old two sided Sealy Posturepedic mattress.

Chris writes: Hi Pete, I have a very old, two sided,  Sealy Posturepedic mattress and it’s time to replace it. Can you direct me to something similarly made today? Also I suffer from neck pain. Is there a pillow that will help with that? Thanks, Chris Hi […]

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Questions about the Ever Eden Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers.

Denise writes: Hi Pete, Would you please tell me the current estimated time from order to delivery for one of the Ever-Eden 3″  queen talalay soft mattress toppers?  Destination zip is 20194. I will need to arrange for help in getting it upstairs and also to flip my […]

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Simmons Beautyrest Flatbrook Luxury Firm Mattress for a Child.

Juli writes:   Hi Pete, We have purchased two mattresses from you before and love them!  We’re back again looking for a full size mattress for our youngest daughter.  Our last purchase was the Simmons Beautyrest Flatbrook Luxury Firm for one of our other children. Do you have […]

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