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Archive for November 2016

Wolf Latex Hybrid or Latex Mattress for my son.

Michele writes: Hello Pete, Thank you, so much, for taking my call and for sending me the link to the Wolf Latex Hybrid mattresses!   What is the difference between a hybrid latex and a latex mattress, or is it the same? Is one better than the other for my son? […]

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King size Natura Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top mattress set.

Gail writes: Hello Pete,   We were wondering if you are having any holiday specials on the King size Natura Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top mattress set.   That one sounds like the mattress we want to buy. Thank you, Gail  Hi Gail, The Natura Greenspring  is an excellent product. […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Adara Mattress for Mom?

Jeff writes: Hi Pete, I’m back and in the market for a new mattress for my mom. For me, I bought the Simmons Beautyrest and latex topper combination that you recommended. I had been experiencing such back pain that I had been schedule for surgery. The mattress arrived a […]

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Are the PureBliss Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers ok for someone with an allergy to wool?

Karen writes: Hi Pete, I am allergic to wool. Would these PureBliss Talalay Latex mattress toppers be good for me? https://themattressexpert.com/pure-latexbliss-toppers/ Thanks, Karen Hi Karen, Yes. Those PureBliss latex toppers are fine for you. They contains no wool. Delivery is free and there’s no sales tax. Thanks, Pete   An […]

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British Embassy Bolivia needs mattresses, Sealy Posturepedic Celestial CSS.

Lizett writes: Dear Seller, I am interesting in obtaining a quote for: 1.       King Size bed including bed frame, box spring & mattress 2.       Twin size bed including bed frame, box spring & mattress I ordered some beds some years ago, they are Sealy Posturepedic Celestial  CSS beds. Regards, Lizett Hi […]

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Renewing the Comfort of a Sleep Number Air Mattress with an All Natural Latex Topper.

Tracy writes: Hello Peter I came across you website and would like to ask you a question.   My husband and I are looking to buy a new bed.  However, he likes a more firm mattress than I do.   We tried a regular mattress, but that only lasted […]

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Black Friday Mattress Sales.

Gary writes:                                                      HI Pete, I was going to go hit some of the mattress sales for black Friday armed with the […]

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Glideaway adjustable bed base with Tilt Feature & an EverEden all natural latex mattress.

Linda writes: Hi Pete, What adjustable bed frame and mattress would you recommend for us. My spouse weights 230 and is 5ft 9 inches tall. I am 180 and 5 ft. 5 inches.  He has sleep apnea and uses a machine. I have bursitis. Currently we use […]

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Glideaway Adjustable Bed Base for Sleep Apnea & Natura Greenspring Mattress for Herniated Disc.

Alex writes: Hi Pete, We’re in the market for a new mattress with an adjustable bed base. We like the idea of being able to sit up comfortably to watch TV. There are many to choose from and I’m hoping you can help us decide. We are […]

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Another Tempurpedic mattress gone bad early and needing an Ever Eden latex topper.

Randy writes: Hi Pete, I’ve had a higher end Tempurpedic for a few years.  At first I woke up feeling better than I had in a long time.  However, recently my hips and lower back are hurting upon waking.  Is this a common problem with Tempurpedics?  I have a lot […]

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Memory Foam vs. All Natural Latex Mattresses.

Nate writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I have had the same traditional type mattress for 15 years.   We are wanting to upgrade to a memory foam type mattress.  I sleep on my back, and she sleeps on her stomach. We have agreed that we like semi firm – […]

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A Soft Ever Eden Talalay latex mattress topper added to a Tempurpedic for arthritis

Rudy writes: Hi Pete, I was looking at your web site and was wondering if you would recommend a latex topper to lay directly on top of a Tempurpedic  king size mattress? My wife and I both are having shoulder pains due to arthritis. Thanks, Rudy Hi […]

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Delivery Questions for a Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm.

Jim writes: Hi Peter,I am getting close to the ski season and thus will want to make the purchase soon of the Simmons Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm, Queen size, for my mountain condo. A couple of questions:  –What is the foundation like if I purchase the set?  My […]

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Weekend Home Mattress suggestions.

Roger writes: Hi Pete, I have been reading some of your posts and thought I’d ask for suggestions on our home bed and then mattresses for our weekend house. My wife I and are 5’9 155 and 6’1″ 185 respectively.   At home we sleep on a […]

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Simmons Beautyrest World Class Elderberry Plush/Firm Mattress.

Scott writes: Hi Pete, My wife and I were considering this mattress some years ago: Simmons Beautyrest Mattress, World Class Elderberry in Plush/Firm. However we see that it is now discontinued. Do you know what latest style has replaced it? as well as what comparable mattresses to […]

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Wolf Latex Hybrid Mattress for a 3 Year Old Child.

Sarah writes: Hi Pete, I am currently looking for a full size mattress for my three year old.  I know you are currently recommending the Wolf Latex Hybrid Adrian. We will probably go with that.   However, are there any of the Simmons Beautyrest options that you still […]

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Desperate Plus-size Couple in need of a mattress that will give us a great night sleep.

Tanya writes: Dear Mattress Expert, We have BIG problems: I’m 340 lbs and my husband is 320. He is a back and sidesleeper and I am a side and stomach sleeper. We toss and turn all night.  I have Rheumatoid arthritis and mild apnea, he is diabetic […]

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