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EverEden Latex Mattress or Latex Topper.

Dolores writes:
Hi Pete,
You suggested, either, a new mattress or a latex topper for my old one.
I think I am going to just replace my mattress rather than try a latex topper.  Although there is no visual sagging, I don’t like the feeling of my 115 lbs.  sinking in the center. 
It is 30 yrs old and probably will not last much longer, and then I would have to go through this disruption of buying a mattress again.  
I am just trying to work on the logistics, of having an outside company remove my mattress on the same day that I receive the new one.  
There really is no place to put a mattress temporarily, so this will also  involve coordination with our maintenance and housekeeping departments.    
Being in a senior assisted living facility is not a simple as being in your own home.
I assume if it comes via UPS that there will be tracking and I will have some idea of the day it should arrive so I can be available.  
Also, because it is so large it will have to be delivered to the loading dock and sometimes communication with the residents is not always timely.  
The same problem with the company that picks the old one up.  It gets complicated.
I have a question you may or may not be able to answer.  You suggested the 6″ Dunlop and to order Firm.  I do not see any place to choose firmness.
Do you know the ILD rating for the 6″ Dunlop Firm?  Since my old Sears mattress is a 6″ Latex Foam, I would assume that it is not as firm as 100% Latex. 
I am a back sleeper and like to be on top of the mattress, but am wondering if a Med/Firm would be a better match to my present mattress and for an aging body.
Thanks in advance for your personal attention, Dolores

Good Morning Dolores,

The mattress comes shrink wrapped, rolled and boxed.
It should be small enough for you to set aside, once it arrives.
This will allow you the time you need to get rid of the old one…and not leave you without a mattress to sleep on.
When the mattress ships, you will receive UPS tracking and delivery information.
You will know, in advance, when to expect delivery.
This Latex mattress is made of the same, all natural Dunlop Latex, as the mattress you have now…an all latex mattress. Nothing else lasts for 30 years.
If you’re concerned for comfort, I suggest the 8” model, which will have the same firm 6” Latex core that you’ve been used to all these years.
It will also have a 2” Medium top layer for more surface comfort. The medium is a better choice for a back sleeper, than soft.


EverEden Latex Mattresses

EverEden Latex Mattress

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Thanks, Pete

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