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Sealy Posturepedic South Court Plush European Pillowtop Mattress Warranty Problem.

Marc writes:
Hi Pete,
 I have a Sealy Posturepedic South Court Plush European Pillowtop, queen sized mattress, purchased in 2010. 
I contacted Sealy about a warranty claim, which they are accepting, and will offer me a new mattress. They are telling me the comparable model series is from the Sealy Essentials line. 
Those seem to be bottom of the line models. I bought my mattress in 2010, and paid over 700 for it. 
I don’t think the essentials line is actually comparable. I think it’s more like their Performance series. Is there something you know about this? 
I really don’t want to shafted by them. 
Thank you for anything you can help me with on this.
Hi Marc,
I’m afraid that you getting shafted is unavoidable.
In 2013, Sealy was purchased by Tempurpedic.
Today, all Sealy mattresses are loaded with memory foam…a material that wasn’t in your South Court model.
Memory foam is the worst upholstery material ever invented.
It’s purpose is to sell more mattresses more frequently to the same people.
With memory foam, mattresses are made to be disposable.
You’d be lucky to get a couple of years out of whatever they send you.
It’s gotten to be so bad, that we stopped selling Sealy…S&F too…same thing with them.
You may as well take what they give you, with the anticipation of buying a new mattress before too long.
I wish the news was better. But, you should know what to expect.

When dealing with mattresses upholstered with memory foam, there is a way around the low quality, which will be a very comfortable and long lasting solution.

The first thing is to choose a mattress on the firm side, without a pillowtop…usually in luxury firm or cushion firm…so that it isn’t too stiff to start.

Today’s pillowtops begin to lose their shape within months.

In lieu of the pillowtop, soften the mattress with a 2″ Soft Talalay Latex Topper…like the ones shown here, from EverEden or Pure Bliss:


Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex is the best, (most comfortable and most resilient), upholstery material, and has been for the last 100 years.

A latex topper, added to a reasonably firm mattress, does a number of things.

Besides providing surface comfort that is unmatched by anything else, its resiliency absorbs all of your body weight.

The result is that the mattress will last a whole lot longer than it would without it.

Also, you’ll find that memory foam sleeps hot. It’s a temperature sensitive material that absorbs your body’s heat and reflects that heat back to you.

The latex topper sleeps cool and insulates you from the memory foam.

Since you are stuck with whatever Sealy sends you, THIS would be the best way to deal with it.

Delivery is Free and there’s NO SALES TAX
Protect your mattress from perspiration and other stains that will void the warranty of your new mattress.
Danican Waterproof Mattress Protectors Sleep Cool and Won’t Shrink washed in hot water…fits up to 18″
Thanks, Pete

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