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Natura Greenspring Mattress Delivered to Canada.

PJ writes:
Hi Pete,
Thank you so much for helping us all with choosing the best mattress for our individual needs.
The amount of time you spend answering our questions, and the advice you offer is very kind and very appreciated.
My husband has bad lower back pain. He is 5″10″ tall and weighs 175 pounds. I am 5″1″ and weigh 113 pounds.
I know that you highly recommend the Greenspring mattresses by Natura of Canada.
I have recommended you to my sister who lives in the U.S., whose husband also has back pain.
We live in Ontario, Canada.
My question is, what model of the Greenspring mattress, available in Canada, would be best for us?
Naturaworld website lists only 2 models available in Canada: the “Darwin Plush tight top” and the “Darwin firm”. Are either of these a good choice for us?
Would we still need to purchase a latex topper, given that this is a tight top?
Also, I can’t seem to find the coil count (king) or the gauge of steel used in the coils.
We would absolutely purchase from you, if that’s doable from Canada, and would appreciate a quote on the Darwin–king size– (with a foundation), if you do in fact, recommend the Darwin.
Thank you once again for your kind assistance.
Hi PJ,

I’m not familiar with the name, Darwin.
I’m told that the Greenspring model names are “Laurel” in stores and “Liberty” for online e-commerce stores.
When Natura was owned by Sominex, they were based in Toronto.
Now that they are owned by Zed Bed, they are based in Quebec.
However, you should be able to find the Greenspring Laurel models locally.
You can buy these mattresses from me, through our website, but it will be in US Dollars.
Even so, we should still have the better price…between the discounted price we offer…
…and free white glove delivery with no Canadian sales tax.
There are 5 models in the line. The most popular is also the most comfortable…
The Liberty Plush EuroTop, at the top of this next page:
Natura Greenspring Liberty Eurotop Latex Hybrid MattressNatura Greenspring Liberty TT
Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top. Experience deeper, more restorative sleep with the Liberty Plush Euro Mattress. Lush helpings of natural ingredients come together …
Here is the link to that specific model, which shows the specification & prices.
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The coil count is high 1020 in queen size.
All coil counts should be quoted in queen, for apples to apples comparison.
There will be proportionately more in the king size…normally about 200 more.
Because the quality of the components is so high, none of these mattresses are as soft as they sound.
We bought the Ultra Plush model, thinking “ultra plush” would be plenty comfy.
In reality, it has a more medium feel. It was fine for me, but we added a 2” soft latex topper for my wife’s sensitive hip.
We have sold many of the Plush EuroTop model and everyone who bought one, is happy.
Nobody needed a separate latex topper.
The Plush model is firm. The Firm model is hard.
Delivery is Free and there’s NO SALES TAX
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Thanks, Pete

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