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A Natura of Canada Greenspring Mattress for a Large Man with Scoliosis.

Art writes:
Hi Pete,
I have just returned a latex mattress by king coil, with deep body impressions in the first 2 days…but not before it destroyed my back. 
I have very bad Scoliosis, with an upper+lower curve. I am looking at Stearns & Foster latex mattress, I’m not sure the name, it’s a bit firmer.
I’m too scared to get a soft feeling mattress cause it may fail again (body impressions + hammocking) yet, I need some give for hips and shoulders.
Any suggestions? 
I’m desperate and in so much pain from my last mistake. Will the Stearns and Foster cave in? 
The industry standard of 1+1/2 inch depression in a mattress is not ok with me. 
My wife an I are of average height and well above average weight. 
What do you suggest? 
Thanks, Art 
Hi Art,
I believe you’re barking up the wrong tree, altogether. An all foam mattress, even an all latex mattress…which the S&F is not…is not what I would suggest for someone with scoliosis.
There is simply too much play in an all foam mattress to support a spine with scoliosis, as it should be supported.
A layer of soft Talalay Latex should be used at the surface, which will provide you pressure point relief and muscle relaxation.
But, the mattress under it must be firmer with coils that push back against your spine. And, it must be strong enough to hold your weights.
I don’t know what kind of latex was in your King Koil, but natural latex that isn’t made in China, doesn’t take a body impression.
Here is a link to a very high quality mattress…using pre-compressed, double tempered, individually pocketed coils, for the support you need.
The upholstery is Natural Talalay Latex for the surface comfort you want.
My wife and I are large people, as well. We have had one of these mattresses for the last 15 months…and it doesn’t show even the slightest signs of wear…no body impressions.
The brand is Natura of Canada Greenspring, with 5 choice of comfort from which to choose.


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Thanks, Pete

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