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Another Toxic Sealy Posturepedic Mattress Causing Health Problems.

Jess writes:
Hi Pete,
I recently purchased a Sealy Posturepedic mattress from Macy’s. 
When it arrived, the delivery team removed the plastic and there was a potent nauseating synthetic smell. 
The smell was so strong that we had to open our windows for a few days in attempt to air it out.
We slept on the bed, and our hair began to smell like it and I developed headaches and a progressive cough.
I went to the doctor, thinking I had an infection and at the time, not linking it to my mattress. 
My cough has developed into pulmonary issues and I’m currently undergoing testing for an airway disease.
After researching the chemicals in new mattress, further, I believe that this smell and the toxins released are directly related to my health issues.
The problem is, the mattress was purchased at the end of September and the “return period” has passed.
The fumes were so bad that one of our children who slept in the bed just a few times also has a cough and is going to be tested now.
I feel overwhelmed on where to start. Should I call Macy’s first and report this? Or contact Sealy?
This issue has affected my quality of life so much that I could need ongoing health care. 
Our home still smells like the chemicals and we can’t sleep in the end at all. 
Even being in the bedroom for too long brings on nauseousness.
I saw some of your helpful responses in an online forum and am hoping you might have some advice for me.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Sincerely, Jess 

Hi Jess,

You must get rid of that mattress as quickly as possible.
Macy’s customer service is very good.
Call them. Tell them your story and insist upon them picking up the mattress and issuing a full refund.
You must buy a mattress without any memory foam in it.
I doubt that Macy’s has any.
You’ll find plenty of mattresses with NO Memory Foam on our website.
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Thanks, Pete

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