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Stearns and Foster Ocean View Villa Ultra Plush Latex Mattress.

Leslie writes:
Hi Pete,
We bought the Stearns and Foster Ocean View Villa Ultra Plush latex mattress, some years ago.
Is the latex in that mattress synthetic or 100% natural? 
Do you think it matters? We are experiencing body impressions, which is making it less comfortable than it was. 
Thanks, Leslie
Hi Leslie,
When choosing a latex mattress over any other type of mattress, you are ahead of the game.
That being said, the latex used in the Ocean View is shown as “Smart Latex”…a euphemism for synthetic latex.
As latexes go, synthetic latex is less durable than pure, all natural latex, and more durable than the latex with additives that’s produced in China.
Chinese latex tends to include clay fillers, which allow them to claim “Natural”, but clay fillers greatly reduce the longevity.
Synthetic latex is a molecular clone of natural latex and no toxic chemicals are used to make it. It is 100% safe.
However, there is more to the Ocean View than the synthetic latex.
There is 3.5″ of polyurethane foam in that mattress…2.5″ of it is at the surface and is very soft.
It’s this upper layer of poly foam that give it its ultra plush feel and it’s these upper layers of poly foam that will create the deep body impressions.
There is a way to revitalize the mattress you have.
Even though it was made to be a one sided mattress, you can flip it over to bring the latex core to the surface.
THIS, will give you the support you’re not getting now.
Add to that, an EverEden All Natural, 2″ or 3″ Soft Talalay Latex topper, which will give you that ultra plush feel you had in the beginning.
The latex topper will resist body impressions, as the years go by.
You’ll have a better, and longer lasting mattress than you had…and for only hundreds of dollars, instead of the thousands of dollars it would cost to replace it.
Here is a link to those latex toppers:
Latex Mattress topper
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Thanks, Pete

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