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Tuft & Needle memory foam mattress makes my back sore.

Michael writes:
Hi Pete,
We recently bought a Tuft & Needle memory foam mattress. My back is sore every morning. 
But, I’ve had excellent hotel sleep with hospitality brands “inner spring” including Beautyrest Recharge St. Chapelle Plush and Sealy Venetian Plush. 
The memory foam is too soft but thought I need firm. But, Plush inner spring may work. What would you recommend and is hospitality brands better?
Regards, Michael

Hi Michael,The first thing to do, is to flip your mattress over.

The memory foam is only on top…supported by firmer, high density poly foam.

Flip the mattress, and your back will feel better tomorrow.

Before recommending a specific mattress, tell me the sizes of the people using the mattress…heights and weights.And a list of any physical ailments that need to be addressed.

You may be ok with what you have, once it’s flipped.

Thanks, Pete


Thank you! I’ll flip over and try tonight.
I’m 6-4″ and 220 lbs. but recent lower back issues started since I bought Tuft & Needle memory foam last May. 
My wife is 5-6″ and 150 lbs. but sleeps fine on this bed.
I have to stretch for 15 mins. each morning when I wake up. I was an active runner but not since this new bed 6 mos. ago. 
Yes, like you, I sit in an office all day and getting older at age 50, so a mattress is SO Important, more than I would’ve ever believed.
Thanks, Michael 

Hi Michael,

The memory foam is the problem.
I suggest the mattress we use at home.
Each of us is 225 lbs. I see you already know about my back problems.
We’ve had our mattress for nearly a year and a half.
It’s in like new condition…not even the slightest body impression.
I wake with no pain…which is more than I can say by the end of the day.
Frankly, it’s the best mattress we’ve found, after years of searching and home testing.
The mattress is the Natura of Canada Greenspring.
The Plush EuroTop is the most comfortable.
Shown here:
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Thanks, Pete

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