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Questions about Latex Mattresses and Allergies.

Kris writes:
Hi Pete,
Can people develop a latex allergy from sleeping all the time on your latex mattresses?
Thanks, Kris
Hi Kris,
Interesting question.
In the 40+ years, I’ve been doing this, I’ve not heard of such a thing.
I’m told that a body changes every 7 years.
Due to this change, allergies can come and go.
You must have a reason for asking. I’d like to hear it.
Thanks, Pete


Hi Pete,
Thanks. I hadn’t heard about the 7 year thing but I have a zillion allergies, especially to chemicals, but not one to latex at this point. 
Just thought I should check.
I’m mostly a side sleeper, elderly, and have a lot of general muscle pain, but normally no back issues, 5’7, 200 lbs. 
So I’m trying to puzzle through all the mattress issues. My friends have had a latex mattress for about 2 years and love it. 
They let me try it for a few minutes and it feels ok, but it’s just hard to tell how it would feel long term. 
I love the La Quinta mattress and have read your post about them. 
I also sit on the edge of the bed to get dressed, so want some edge support. 
I’m wondering if the Wolf mattresses would work for me? 
My budget is pretty limited. But it seems like they have some synthetic foam in them?
Thanks, Kris

Hi Kris,

Given everything…your chemical sensitivity, your budget, and your enjoyment of the mattresses at LaQuinta…
…the Wolf coil/latex hydrid Adara mattress sounds right for you.
It uses a pocketed coil unit, like that used at LaQuinta.
The upholstery is 100% all natural latex, and the rest of the materials in that particular mattress are also, all natural.
Here is a link to that mattress.
All Natural Cotton Cover. All Natural Wool backing as a natural fire retardant. Upholstered with All Natural Latex. All Natural Wool insulator pad for support.

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Thanks, Pete

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