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Jamie writes:
Hi Pete, 
I wrote to you last year, around this time, after I bought a king size Simmons Beautyrest Black Extra Firm mattress. 
We had nothing but problems with it, starting just after the mattress exchange time frame expired. 
I had purchased, and still use, one of your 2″ latex toppers which has allowed us to be able to put up with the mattress this long. 
We are thinking enough is enough and its time to get some comfort. I have a couple questions if you don’t mind. 
If I remember correctly, you suggested I go with a luxury firm black model, (Desiree)  but when I look at the specs the coil gauge appears to be the same. 
Am I missing something or should I be looking at something else in the specs for comfort.
I am also considering a full latex mattress. 
I am 6′ 220 lbs and my wife is 5’10” around the 150 range.
Thanks again for any help, I am a bit nervous to put out that much money again and end up with another dud.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hi Jamie,
We recommended the luxury firm Desiree because of the durability and value of the heavier gauge wire, and the cushier feel of the padding.
My wife and I had the  luxury firm Ansleigh at home…an older version of the Desiree. We had it for 4 years and used the latex topper with it.
We are each in the 225 lb range and it was in like new condition when we gave it to our son and his wife. Another 2 years later, it’s still like new.
Since you got your topper from us, we have acquired a Quebec based Latex company called Natura of Canada.
If you are considering a latex mattress, have a look at what they have to offer.
We are delivering these throughout Canada and the US, with free white glove delivery and no sales tax.
Natura Bourdolay all Latex Mattress
Level 2 – All Natural Latex Mattresses. Natura uses only the highest quality materials available for their Latex Mattresses….(No Chemicals and No Fillers)…with …

Delivery is Free and there’s NO SALES TAX

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Thanks, Pete

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