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A pillowtop mattress for an antique bed.

Lori writes:

Hi Pete. Great blog! 

I’m proud to say that my dear husband and I have been sleeping on an 

antique full-sized bed given to me by my great-grandparents. 
The frame’s age is unknown. I’m not so proud to mention that we are
also sleeping on possibly the original mattress set as well. The date
on one of the tags is from the early 1900s. 
Could this be the reason our backs hurt? lol
I guess our financial situation has always been tight so a new set has been 
on the back burner to things like, now, twin babies. 
The set is held up by heavy posts that travel long ways. I’d love to get 
something with a pillow top, but am afraid what we get will not fit this
old-style frame. 
Any suggestions???
Thanks, Lori
Hi Lori,
“Full” is a standard size…Boxspring at 53″ wide and 74/5″ long. You’ll want to take a measurement.
Also available at that time was a “3/4″ size…Boxspring at 47” wide…same length.
Pillowtops feel good when you try them at stores.
But, they lose their comfort rather quickly, as the padding in them is cheap poly or memory foam, which isn’t very resilient.
You will also want to take a height measurement. Today’s mattresses are much thicker. 
You will, almost certainly, want a low-profile boxspring for whatever mattress you buy.
Check out the

 consumer feedback about pillowtops and the other is to the latex toppers.

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Thanks, Pete
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