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A mattress for lumbar support, scoliosis and a worthless comfort guarantee that didn’t help.

Alice writes:
Hi Pete,
Well, I am sorry to see that I am not the only one confused, and in back pain, trying to decipher the mess of mattresses out there. 
I am now on my  second mattress which I am negotiating with this large chain store on an exchange.
All this, despite telling the sales personnel that I need excellent lower lumbar support. 
I suffer from scoliosis (just mild) but in my lower spine and in the upper area. They directed me to a pillow top mattress. 
Now, I have permanent back ache I have to start the search for a mattress again. 
I have no doubt that pillowtops are not advisable for anyone needing good spinal support. 
Can anyone tell me of a good mattress that you can buy out there, without all those inches of foam but still be comfortable? 
Every store I go to, the choice is pillow tops or plush tops that still have inches of foam. 
I Need Help!!!
Thanks, Alice
Hi Alice,
First off, this is not an open forum. Asking advice for ‘anyone’ is monumental waste of time.
As you have noted, you are not alone. And, you are not alone for the same reason.
You went to a store and told a know nothing salesperson all about your back problems and assumed that they were knowledgeable enough to get you into the right mattress.
You tried a pillowtop, which felt great in the showroom, bought it on the say so of your sales person who said, “What are you worried about? If you don’t like it, you can exchange it.”
You relied on a worthless comfort guarantee, and the word of a grossly under trained salesperson.
Now, the exchanges seem endless and you have to now negotiate with someone for something, with no real hope of resolving your issue.
You’re in such a desperate state of confusion, that you come on here and ask ‘anyone’ for advice.
Solving your problem is my area of expertise….something that not just ‘anyone’ is qualified to do.
Since you are stuck dealing with that store, email me their link and I will be happy to choose a mattress for you, from the ones they carry.

If you are lucky enough to get a refund and rid yourself of that mattress, I can recommend something else, to you.I will need to know the sizes of the people sleeping in the mattress.

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Thanks, Pete

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