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Stearns and Foster Warranty Exchange Equivalent Mattress.

Hi Peter,
Sorry to bombard you with questions, but you really do seem to be the “EXPERT!”  
I don’t feel like I’m being misled or lied to when I get information from you.
Initially our retailer tried very hard turn our warranty claim into a second sale.  
But finally, when I pressed them about just ordering the  replacement Stearns and Foster mattress, they called and sent an email to someone higher up in the chain.  
They also speculated about me having the warranty serviced directly by S&F so that they could supply me with a  true equivalent from their line. 
But, I had already tried that route and S&F told me that as long as I still lived where our retailer was located, they would have to service the warranty claim.  
Long story short, this afternoon they came back to me and said they could no longer get that model from S&F.
What they are offering me now as an “equivalent at no charge” is the Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Series mattress in Firm (shown as the Sandy Springs Firm on your website).  
Simmons Beautyrest Platinum Sandy Springs
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They initially wanted to charge the difference but are now agreeing as an even swap….thanks to your “head’s up” on the subject.

I have a few questions that I think you might be able to shed some light for me. Do you really think this is a good “equivalent” for my old S&F Foxbridge?  
It did feel very similar, but that was laying on it for 2-3 minutes.  Our biggest worry is picking something that will be least likely to end up with body indentations.  
And I notice that you sell this mattress yourself, but you no longer sell S&F.
Second question is the box spring.  Obviously, they are not replacing our S&F box spring b/c there is no issue with it – only the mattress.  
I’m assuming that if I purchase a matching box spring for the Simmons, that I will be given a warranty on this new mattress as well (calling to confirm that tomorrow).  
And if I don’t, I’m assuming I’ll void that warranty.  
I know that you cannot see the future, nor are you obligating yourself in any way by giving me an opinion on this, but do you think the S&F box spring can provide sufficient support? 
If they are just a total mismatch as far as the support needs of the new mattress, then I certainly don’t want to set the new mattress up for failure.  
But I also don’t want to unnecessarily spend money b/c I did that, just years ago, purchasing a “set” and I’m feeling quite taken already as it is.
Thanks for any input and guidance.
Hi Ellen,
Under normal warranty procedures, you would get a replacement mattress from the same manufacturer and the new mattress would come with a continuation of the original warranty.
For instance, if you’re having a 5 year old mattress replaced, which came with a 10 year warranty, your replacement mattress would be warrantied for only 5 more years…not 10.
And while manufacturers insist that exchanges be from something they make, it’s easy for a multi-vendor retailer to offer a mattress from a different manufacturer.
After-all, nobody will be the wiser.
However, when this is done, the new mattress from one brand on the original boxspring from the other brand will automatically void the warranty.
Your options are these:
1) Pay for a matching boxspring for the new mattress, which will give you a whole new warranty.  But, that’s not your best option.
     Ideally, you don’t want to go through this warranty problem again.
     Which brings us to option #2
2) Instead of buying the boxspring…which is made the same as the one you currently have, and doesn’t need replacing, add a 2″ Latex Topper to the new mattress. 
     This will cost about the same as the boxspring. More importantly, the latex will absorb much of your body weight.
     The mattress will then keep it’s shape much better over the years, making it far less likely that you will ever need the warranty.
     The latex is 100% all-natural foam rubber…the highest quality, most resilient upholstery material available…and has been the best since it was introduced in the 1920s.
Here is a link to the latex toppers. You’ll love the feel and the extra years of life it gives to the mattress.
EverEden all Natural Latex Mattress topper
Soften the surface of a too firm mattress. Insulate yourself from the memory foam in your mattress to Sleep Cool. Extend the comfort life of your mattress.

Next, is to make sure that they deliver to you, a brand new mattress. Many of these large chain stores will restock mattresses that had been returned, due to a comfort exchange.

They then sell them as new to the next customer buying one. Your store is being uncharacteristically generous with you and that makes me suspicious.
There are two things to look for, to know that you are not getting a mattress that has been in someone else’s home.
First, the bag it’s packed in. At the factory, the plastic that encases the mattress is heat seal on all four sides.
If you see that one side is taped closed, you know it’s been out of the bag…a sure sign that it isn’t brand new.
Second, there is a white “Law” label sewn into one of the seams at the head of the mattress. That label has a lot of information, including the “date of manufacture”.
Make sure it is a recent date…within the last couple of weeks, or so.
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Thanks, Pete

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