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A Platform Bed for a Stearns and Foster Latex Mattress.

John writes:
Hi Pete,
We just bought a Stearns and Foster latex mattress. 
We originally thought that in the very near future we’d be buying a platform bed, so we did not get a new box spring. 
For the moment it’s on the 8-year old Simmons Beautyrest box spring until we get the new bed. Is this a problem? 
The S&F warranty makes it sound like you are in big trouble for not having it on a matched box spring. 
I’d swear my side of the bed already feels “softer” than my wife’s.
Am I just being paranoid? Could an old box spring make one side “feel” differerntly? 
Thanks, John
Hi John,
There is good news and bad news.
The Bad News: Your new mattress, used on an 8 year old boxspring will void the warranty of the mattress….should you need service and the inspector sees that.
Your old boxspring may have weak spots, to which your mattress is already conforming to.
Then again, maybe not.
A S&F latex mattress is not made of all latex. There’s also memory foam in your mattress.
Memory foam was added after Tempurepedic bought the Sealy/S&F company.
It is likely that the softening you’re feeling is due to the memory foam.
I don’t know if you were told this, but the latex used in Sealy and S&F mattresses, is synthetic latex…not natural latex.
The Good News: Your warranty will not be voided, with your mattress on a platform bed.
The feel of your mattress will respond to the firmer support of your new platform bed.
So, don’t spend too much time in getting a platform bed for your mattress.
You also have to be sure that the platform bed you buy has all the proper center supports to hold the extra weight of a latex mattress.
Here is a link to the platform beds we carry.
If you see anything you like, delivery is free and there’s no sales tax.
All the platform beds we carry have the proper center supports.


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I suggest using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will greatly extend the life and loft of the upholstery materials inside. Ours sleep cool and make NO Noise.
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Thanks, Pete

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Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Please Check out One of our Blogs Listed below Or Ask us on Facebook or Twitter.

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