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Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop Mattress Causing Herniated Disc Pain.

Philip writes:
Hello, Peter. 
Your blog has given me more information than any other source! 
Thank you so much, you are a life saver. 
I suffer from a herniated L5 and my husband purchased a very expensive bed. 
It is about 6 months old and it’s now causing me so much pain. 
It is a Simmons Beautyrest hi-loft pillow top mattress. 
I know now, from reading the entries on your blog, that the pillow top is a no no. 
Would I be able to salvage this bed if we cut the pillow top off and purchased the Talalay latex topper? 
The mattress isn’t a flip-able sort, but would flipping it be an alternative to surgery? 
If we need to replace the mattress, can you make some recommendations? 
Do you ship to Canada?  
I want to be as best informed as possible so that the next purchase works! 
We live in a small city in Ontario.
Thanks for any help you can offer, Philip
Hi Philip,
You were on the right track with a Simmons Beautyrest.
The individually pocketed coil are essential in keeping your spine properly aligned.
The problem is the brand. The coils in the Beautyrest are not made of tempered steel.
Besides the weakness of the coils, the memory foam upholstery is as bad as it gets.
Given the lack of strong support of the coils, performing surgery on the mattress and adding a latex topper to those coils, amounts to throwing good money after bad.
Oddly enough, when you went looking for your hearts desire, you needed to look no further than your own back yard.
(I Just finished watching The Wizard of Oz…again…for the umpteenth time and couldn’t resist).
There’s a Canadian company that makes a very high quality mattress that is well suited to your condition.
I, too, have herniated discs…and this mattress has relieved the pain.
It, also, uses an individually pocketed coil system.
The steel, from which the coils are made, is double tempered…much stronger than Simmons”.
Also, it has a higher coil count than any Simmons Beautyrest.
What’s more, the upholstery is high quality natural Talalay Latex…which has been the best upholstery material for the last 100 years…comfortable and resilient.
These mattresses contain no memory foam.
You should be able to shop for them locally, as they are made in Quebec.
The mattress to consider is the Natura of Canada Greenspring Plush EuroTop.
Natura Greenspring Liberty Eurotop Latex Hybrid Mattress

Greenspring Liberty Plush Euro Top. Experience deeper, more restorative sleep with the Liberty Plush Euro Mattress. Lush helpings of natural ingredients come together …
Our price is discounted, but it is in US Dollars.
So, show around for the best price.
Keep in mind that our prices include delivery, set-up and removal of the old set…
…AND, There’s NO Sales Tax.
Once you figure in the exchange rate of US and Canadian Dollars, you may find that we have the best price.
In local stores in Canada, the model name will be Laurel.
For online retailers, like us, the model name is Liberty.
The specifications are identical.
I suggest using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will greatly extend the life and loft of the upholstery materials inside. Ours sleep cool and make NO Noise.
Shown here:
Thanks, Pete

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