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Previous Customer Going from a Queen to a King Size Mattress.

Laura writes:
Hello Pete,
Five years ago, I found your website and took your advice. 
At the time, your advice was to get a firm or extra firm mattress and add the latex topper. 
We bought a Beautyrest Recharge firm queen mattress and ordered the latex 2-inch topper. We’ve been sleeping quite comfortably since.  
We always ordered from a local chain, based on the return policy, which we did have to deal with the bed before this, which was horrible and replaced based on the warranty. 
Now we have moved into a new home. After 38 years in a queen, are expanding to a king size. We’ve chosen the bed frame. Now the hard part, selecting of the mattress and foundation.
I visited your website again and see that you are promoting the Beautyrest Black series. 
We can get it locally or from you, however, locally, we can have it faster. 
Do you have provisions to expedite delivery over the 2 week wait? 
I’ve already ordered the king latex topper which can wait, but we’re hoping to sleep in the king quicker than 2 weeks!
Many thanks, Laura
Good Morning Laura,

I’m so pleased that you’ve been enjoying the bed we recommended to you.
If you need the mattress quickly, then buying locally makes the most sense.
All of the name brands, and Simmons especially, have always been funny about expedited shipping.
They don’t like anything that interferes with their normal flow, so when you ask for expedited shipping, it takes longer…like they’re teaching you lesson.
A word of warning.
Many stores offer a comfort exchange.
This is not backed by the manufacturer.
The store cannot return a mattress to the factory for credit, for that reason.
Many stores will simply return the mattress to stock and resell it…despite that being illegal.
THIS, is how to be sure that you are not getting someone else’s used mattress.
When the mattress is packed at the factory, there is a top and bottom sheet of plastic.
Those two pieces of plastic are heat sealed on all four sides of the mattress.
When a mattress is removed, one side is torn open.
When returned to that bag or put in a new bag, the retail has no means of heat sealing it closed…so, one side will be taped shut.
Insist that the driver unpack the mattress in the house and NOT in the truck.
This will allow you to inspect the packaging.
DO NOT accept a mattress where you see that one side has been taped closed.
Make sure that the factory heat seal is in tact along all four edges.
(Unpacking it in the truck is a trick they’ve learned to use, to hide this)
Thank you for your order.
I’ll get that latex topper ordered for you right away.


EverEden all Natural Latex Mattress topper

Soften the surface of a too firm mattress. Insulate yourself from the memory foam in your mattress to Sleep Cool. Extend the comfort life of your mattress.
I suggest using a waterproof mattress protector with every mattress.
Keeping your mattress clean and dry will greatly extend the life and loft of the upholstery materials inside. Ours sleep cool and make NO Noise.
Shown here:
Thanks, Pete

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